Exploratory Studies Frequently Asked Questions

In MyWCU, how do I...?

Having trouble remembering how to use certain functions of MyWCU? Visit these online tutorials from the Registrar's Office for helpful instructions.

How and when can I declare a Major?

The advisor and student should become familiar with the requirements to apply to the major of interest. Some programs have pre-requisites or other criteria for application. When you are eligible to apply, meet with your advisor to complete an Submit an Academic Plan Change Request via myWCU. Your application is considered if the program or department’s enrollment is open.

How do I declare a Minor?

The process is the same as declaring a Major. The form is called Submit an Academic Plan Change Request via myWCU.

Do I have to declare a Minor?

Students may elect to pursue a minor program to support career goals or interests. Some academic programs, e.g., Liberal Studies, require a minor as part of their major curriculum, but most do not.

May I take courses at a different college or community college during the summer and transfer credits to WCU?

Yes, you may take some courses. Meet with your advisor and decide which course(s) you may take. Check Transfer Equivalencies from the WCU Registrar’s page to view the courses and verify if they are transferable.

You will need to complete the form, Transfer Credit Permission Form , and submit it to the Registrar’s Office prior to taking the course(s).

How do I DROP or WITHDRAW from a course?

During the schedule period and up to the first 5-6 days (Drop/Add) of the semester (check semester’s dates on the Registrar’s web page), you can drop a course on line using your MyWCU account. The course will be removed from your schedule.

After this period, you can withdraw from a course using your MyWCU account’s drop function (check semester’s dates on the Registrar’s web page). The grade of W (Withdraw) will be entered on your academic record.

How many credits may I take as a full time student?

Full time status ranges from 12-18 credits a semester. If you are taking a developmental course (MATQ20 or MATQ30) the credits for the course count for your full time status but not towards graduation.

I am on Academic Probation. What do I need to do?

Meet with your advisor immediately. Together you will complete an Academic Recovery Plan and implement strategies to support your academic success.

How many semester hours (credits) are needed for graduation?

To graduate you will need satisfactory completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours (credits) at or above the 100 level. Some programs require more.

How many credits do I need to be considered a sophomore?

Your student standing or classification is determined by the number of successfully completed semester hours (credits). You need 30 credits to be a sophomore. The University’s current designations may be found in the WCU Undergrad Catalog.

What resources are available for students with disabilities?

West Chester University has a wide range of resources for students with physical and or learning disabilities. For more information contact the Office of Educational Accessibility (OEA) at 610-436-2564.

May I earn a double major?

Yes. You may elect to earn a double major by selecting 2 majors within the same degree, e.g., BSED. You must complete all requirements for both majors. Discuss this with your advisor. If you are interested in earning dual degrees, BS and BA, you should discuss this with your advisor as well. In both instances you are required to complete the requirements for each major.

How can parents help?

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