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Academic Advising


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Academic Advising

Students can find their advisor contact information on the homepage of their myWCU account.

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Are You Here To…

  • Learn how to add a comment to a student record?

    Advisor comments are being replaced by the easier and more robust MyWCU Advising Notes, which will add an advisor's notes to a student's permanent MyWCU record. See instructions for use on the Faculty menu of the UPK Tutorial page.

  • Find your advisees' Degree Progress Reports?

    In your myWCU account

    • Use the drop-down menu under "Faculty Quick Links" and click "View My Advisees"
    • Click on "View Student Details"
    • Click on Degree Progress Report
  • Learn what you and your advisees should discuss at an advising meeting?

    Suggested topics of discussion are listed on the Tips for Advisors page.

  • Learn how you can help students avoid common mistakes?

    The most common problems are not achieving 120 credits and not taking classes in the proper sequence. View our Tips for Advisors to learn more.

  • Know what is expected of you as an advisor?

    Good advising is a shared responsibility in which advisors and advisees collaborate to help students achieve their aims. Learn more about your responsibilities in this process.

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of the week

  • How can I take Winter classes at a community college and transfer the credit to WCU?

    You should always discuss course transferability and your reasons for taking classes elsewhere with your academic advisor or an academic coordinator. They will explain to you policies governing transfer courses to WCU. Make sure your course will transfer to WCU by checking the “Transfer Equivalencies” on the Registrar’s homepage.

    You must also complete the Transfer Credit Permission form for approval by the Registrar's office before taking classes at another institution.

    The same process applies to Summer classes.

  • When is tuition payment due for winter and spring sessions?

    The Office of the Bursar (610-436-2552) handles all tuition bills and billing. You can find due dates posted on the Bursar home page.

    You will also see this due date on your bill, which is mailed to the address you have listed on MyWCU. If you use QuikPay, you will get notification via your WCU email account about your statements and bills. Only one paper bill is sent per semester, so if you don’t receive one, you should access your account via MyWCU to find your billing information. You will also receive periodic email reminders until your bill is satisfied, so please monitor your WCU email account. If you don’t pay your bill by the due date, you risk having your classes canceled. Please note that there is no payment plan for the winter term.

  • Can I repeat a course I already took at WCU by taking it at another institution?

    It depends on whether or not you completed the course and received a letter grade at WCU. You may not transfer in a course that you already completed or failed at WCU. However, if you withdrew from a class (and thus ended up with a “W” on your transcript), you may elect to retake that class elsewhere and transfer it back to WCU. As with all transferred classes, a grade does not appear on your WCU transcript, and so it will not factor into your GPA.

    See more about credit transfers

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