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Academic Advising


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Academic Advising

Students can find their advisor contact information on the homepage of their myWCU account.

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  • Learn how to add a comment to a student record?

    Advisor comments are being replaced by the easier and more robust MyWCU Advising Notes, which will add an advisor's notes to a student's permanent MyWCU record. See instructions for use on the Faculty menu of the UPK Tutorial page.

  • Find your advisees' Degree Progress Reports?

    In your myWCU account

    • Use the drop-down menu under "Faculty Quick Links" and click "View My Advisees"
    • Click on "View Student Details"
    • Click on Degree Progress Report
  • Learn what you and your advisees should discuss at an advising meeting?

    Suggested topics of discussion are listed on the Tips for Advisors page.

  • Learn how you can help students avoid common mistakes?

    The most common problems are not achieving 120 credits and not taking classes in the proper sequence. View our Tips for Advisors to learn more.

  • Know what is expected of you as an advisor?

    Good advising is a shared responsibility in which advisors and advisees collaborate to help students achieve their aims. Learn more about your responsibilities in this process.

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  • How do I change my major or add/remove a minor?

    As with all big decisions about your academic plans, you should talk to your advisor about changing a major or adding/dropping a minor. Ideally, you will decide on your major by the time you have amassed 30 credits – that will usually give you enough time to finish your degree in four years. If you change majors later, or change to a highly restrictive/structured major, you may have to stay a bit longer or take classes in summer or winter sessions to catch up.

    Any kind of change to your program of study requires that you submit the correct form, including the required signatures. You can find these forms on the Registrar’s webpage.

  • I would like to change my major, but the major I want to get into has entrance requirements that I haven’t met yet. Where can I get advising?

    If you are in a major but don’t know whether it is the right choice for you, discuss your plans with your academic advisor. Your advisor may suggest that you meet with an advisor in your desired major. Your advisor may also suggest that you change to an advisor who is trained in helping students in your situation (what we call “internal transfer” students). You will be assigned an advisor in the Exploratory Studies Advising Center, located in Lawrence 222, who will know the requirements of your desired major.

  • What is an Academic Recovery Plan, or ARP?

    The Academic Recovery Plan is exactly that – a way for you to get back on track with your studies! Sometimes students have difficulties and finish a semester with a GPA below a 2.0, which means they will be put on academic probation. To help those students plan for future improvement, they must meet with their advisors to complete an online planning form: the ARP. Students must do this in order to register for classes for the next semester (but the ARP is not the same as lifting the usual “advisor hold,” which still needs to be done). Students should file their ARPs before the first week of classes so that they have time to adjust their schedules accordingly.

    WCU wants you to succeed! By working closely with your advisor or academic coordinator and using helpful tools like the ARP, you will be on your way to graduation.

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