Promoting Evidence-Based Mental Health Care through Community Collaboration


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Project SUPPORT (Study to Understand Psychotherapy Process, Outcomes, and Ramifications Together) is a joint clinical and research project in which we are implementing and evaluating a trauma- informed group intervention (Bounce Back Program) in an elementary school in Wilmington, DE. During the 2017- 2018 school year, this project was generously funded by the Delaware Department of Education. Since 2018-2020, the project has been funded by the Red Clay Consolidated School District. This project is a collaboration between the RAISE Lab, our community partners in the Red Clay School District, and our academic partners at University of Delaware's Center for Training, Evaluation, and Community Collaboration.


Unite for Her (UFH)

Unite for Her (UFH) is a nonprofit organization that provides services to women diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancers. The lab is collaborating with UFH to determine how UFH services promote positive adaptation to diagnosis.


The Gender Pronoun Project


The Gender Pronoun Project is a survey research study that explores college students’ perceptions of professors sharing their preferred gender pronouns. We are particularly interested in seeing if this practice demonstrates allyship. 


Project FRESH STARTS (Fostering Resilience and Encouraging Students through Hierarchical Supports To Assess and Resolve Traumatic Stress) is a joint clinical and research project in which we plan to evaluate the extent to which an tiered system of trauma supports meets the diverse psychological needs of students who are adjudicated to an alternate school placement.  We appreciate the support of the the West Chester University Provost Research Grant.


Warm Hand Off Project


Along with our partners at Nemours Children’s Health System, we are investigating factors contributing to the successful integration of psychologists into primary care settings. We are particularly interested in understanding how warm hand offs (e.g., in person patient introductions to members of the treatment team by other members of the treatment team) can facilitate collaborative care and improve service utilization.

Building Roads to Inclusion and Diversity in Graduate Education (BRIDGE)

Building Roads to Inclusion and Diversity in Graduate Education (BRIDGE). In 2017, clinical psychology graduate programs, including West Chester University's Psy.D. program, joined together to form a network that is invested in promoting inclusion and diversity in clinical psychology .The RAISE Lab is working with University of Delaware’s Center for Training, Evaluation, and Community Collaboration to lead efforts to optimize the network and to evaluate recruitment initiatives across graduate programs. Locally, with support from West Chester University’s Student Engagement Award, we are coordinating an annual visit day event to aid in under-represented students’ professional development as they prepare for graduate school. 


Families in Psychology Project


Families in Psychology Project (Families in Psychology Project) is a collaborative research and advocacy effort in which we are working with a network of professional and students who are advancing research and advocacy on topics such as family leave, workplace childcare, gender-based discrimination, lactation support, and peer support We are interested in understanding how psychology trainees balance competing demands of graduate training and family care.

Student-Led Projects

Project Play

Project Play is a survey research study that explores gender socialization  by examining adults' recollections of their play experiences with parents and factors that impact  these adults’ plans to play with their future children. Data collection began in Spring 2020 and work with this existing data set is ongoing.


The Socializing Our Children Project


The “Socializing Our Children” project explores the racial ethnic socialization practices of African American and Latinx parents of children and adolescents. The project explores the protective role of racial ethnic socialization against adverse experiences that children are exposed to. It also explores the role of parent-child relationship quality in the context of racial ethnic socialization

Lab Data Sets

Motivate Health

Along with our community partners in the Delaware Division of Youth Rehabilitation Services, we implemented and evaluatd a group therapy that aimed to increase teen’s motivation toward healthy life change. This project was funded by West Chester University’s Research in Science and Mathematics Award.

Motivate health

The School Mindfulness Project


Along with our partners at La Academia Antonia Alonsa and The School Mindfulness Project, we are evaluating a school-wide mindfulness curriculum implemented in 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. We are interested in understanding how participating in this program improves outcomes for both students and the adults who work with them.  Work with this existing dataset is ongoing.

Clinical High Risk Project (CHR)

The CHR project aims to improve long-term outcomes for youth and young adults (age 12-25) who demonstrate a high risk for psychosis. The RAISE lab is evaluating clinical services that occurred from 2019-2022. This project is a four year collaboration between the RAISE lab, Catholic Charities, and the State of Delaware Department of Services of Children Youth and Families with support from a SAMHSA grant.


The Prism Project


The Prism Project was developed in collaboration with the LGBT Equality Alliance of Chester County ( to understand the needs of the LGBTQ population in Chester County, PA, to refine measurement of identity variables and to inform public policy intended to meet unmet needs in our community. Data collection occurred from 2019-2020 and students continue to work with this existing dataset.

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