Meet our Team

Principal Investigator

Dr. Grasseti

Stevie N. Grassetti, Ph.D.

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Dr. Grassetti is the Director of the RAISE lab and an Assistant Professor in the Psychology Department at West Chester University. As a licensed clinical psychologist, Dr. Grassetti is passionate about promoting evidence-based mental health care for all youth and families. Her professional activities involve connecting research, community-based clinical work, and clinical supervision/training/teaching in a way that provides service to those in need.  Dr. Grassetti established the lab in fall 2018 and is invested in mentoring trainees who share the lab's vision of connecting science and service, community collaboration, and promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity.

Graduate Research Assistants

Rosa Boniface, M.A.

Rosa Boniface, M.A.
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Rosa is a doctoral student who joined the lab in Fall 2018. Rosa graduated with her master’s degree in clinical psychology from WCU in 2014. Since, she has been practicing in the field providing individual and family therapy to children and families. Her clinical practice has honed on the specific areas of childhood trauma due to abuse and neglect; family attachment through theraplay techniques; and adoption services through state-level child protection services. Throughout her doctorate program, Rosa wishes to pursue research examining the impact of complex trauma on childhood development. Rosa’s long-term goal is to begin a non-profit agency, helping to increase public understanding and evidenced-based clinical treatment of children and families impacted by complex trauma. 


Caroline Guzi, M.A.
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Caroline is a doctoral student who joined the lab in Spring 2019. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Temple University in 2015. Caroline’s professional background has largely been in early childhood education, where she developed the belief that all children deserve to be heard and feel safe while learning and exploring the world around them. Her past research has included the impact of Head Start programs and arts and mindfulness interventions on preschool- and elementary school-aged children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. Her personal research interests include exploring the social constructs of modern parenting. Caroline is currently a student clinician at WCU’s Community Mental Health Services Clinic, where she works collaboratively with families, children, college students, and adults. She has run therapy groups for local high schoolers and local parents. In the future, she hopes to work with children, adolescents and families. 

emily h

Emily Hershorin, B.A. 

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Emily is a doctoral student who joined the lab in Fall 2019. Emily graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Binghamton University in 2018. Emily was a member of the Level II Student Conduct Board, as well as the Title IX Conduct Board while at Binghamton. Since graduating, Emily has worked with eating disorder patients, helping them start their recovery process. Her research interests are focused on treating anxiety, depression, and trauma through mindfulness activities and atypical exercise such as horseback riding. Emily’s long-term goals include helping to fight against the stigma of mental health and having a private clinical practice to help people of all ages overcomes anxiety, depression, trauma, and all of the symptoms and challenges that come with these. 


Brian Wiley, M.S. Ed. 

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Brian is a doctoral student who joined the team in Fall 2019. Brian graduated with his master’s degree in school and mental health counseling from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017. Since then, Brian has been practicing family based therapy, utilizing Ecosystemic Structural Family Therapy,  in southeastern Pennsylvania and southern Florida. His primary clientele were children and adolescents who have been self-referred, or court mandated to therapy for Emotional/Behavioral disorders or truancy. While pursuing his doctorate, Brian wishes to research the effects of trauma on an individual’s emotional and mental development; and understanding how a caregiver’s trauma can impact a child or adolescent. Brian’s long term goal is to start a group home for children who have experienced trauma, and provide therapeutic services that help them to process and heal from the pain they have experienced. 


Fabianne Blake, M.A.

 Fabianne is a doctoral student who joined the lab in Spring 2020.  She has previous graduate studies in developmental and clinical psycholog.y Before her doctoral studies, she provided psychological services in Trinidad at a Child Guidance Clinic. The clinic was one of two in the country, so Fabianne gained experience working with a wide variety of cases including children and families who had expierneced trauma and faced socioeconimc difficulties that heightened their risk for problematic family functioning and psychopathology. This honed an interest in working with marginalized children and families. In her doctoral career, Fabianne has been engaged in research and clinical work on developmental psychology, attachment-based interventions, home-visitng, dissemination and implementation of evidence-based intervents and trauma-focused psychotherapy. She also works as a clinical supervisor and trainer of the Attachment and Biobehavioral Catchup intervention. Fabianne's goals include working towards improving access to evidence-based treatmetns for marginalized populations. 


Shannon Hiscock. B.A.

Shannon is a doctoral student who joined the team in Fall 2020.  She graduated from WCU in the summer of 2020 with a B.A. in psychology. Both her clinical and research interests include the intersection between the criminal justice system and clinical psychology.  Her goal is to study and implement various evidence-based therapies within the setting of correctional facilities, with a particular emphasis on helping incarcerated individuals heal from trauma.  Her long-term goal is to work full-time as a clinician in a correctional facility, providing therapies and walking alongside this under served, stigmatized, but still very deserving population. 


Evan Jacoby, B.A.

Evan is a master's student who joined the team in Summer 2020. He graduated from Kutztown University with his B.A. in General Psychology in Spring 2017. Since graduating, Evan has worked with juvenile males with problematic sexual behavior in a residential setting. He works in collaboration with clinical professionals and co-workers to rehabilitate clients into becoming a successful part of the community. Following his masters degree, Evan would like to transition into a clinical doctoral program to continue researching and assisting troubled youth. 

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Shelby Kreglow 

Shelby is pursuing a B.S in Psychology and a minor in Spanish. Her primary interests are in the biological processes of the brain and family relationships. After college, she plans on pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology and work with individuals diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and their families. Shelby joined the team in Fall 2019.


Madeline Lucas

Madeline is pursuing a B.A. in psychology and plans to continue her education towards a PhD in clinical psychology. The RAISE Lab will be the beginning of her research in the field, in which she hopes to gain experience working with children at risk for mental health disorders such as trauma. Madeline is particularly interested in mental health disorders among youth and young adults, such as anxiety and depression. She looks forward to being able to use this research and further research experience to develop an understanding on ways to support those in need in future practice. Madeline joined the team in the winter of 2019.

rebecca garrett

Rebecca Garrett

Rebecca is a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. She has a focus on clinical practices and hopes to use therapeutic strategies, creative arts therapy, and/or mindfulness to help young children and teens to overcome struggles with mental illness–specifically hardships with anxiety disorders, depression, and familial dysfunctions. Throughout her college career, Rebecca has also helped advocate for awareness of mental illness and against stigma as an active member and part of the executive board of a club on campus known as To Write Love On Hers. Rebecca's end goal is to become a therapist and engage in helping other through the process of recovery. Rebecca joined the team in winter 2019.


Dylan Lisnow

Dylan is a major in psychology. RAISE lab is his first experience with research and hopes to gain the skills in the field of clinical psychology with his time in the program. After college he hopes to pursue a masters in Psychology and wishes to follow a career in psychiatric therapy. Dylan joined the team in spring 2020.


Seth Krier

Seth Krier is pursuing his B.S. in Psychology, and plans on obtaining a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. While studying as an undergraduate student he wishes to gain research and field experience. He has taken interest in the phenomenology of meaning and the development of new clinical treatments. Seth hopes to work as a clinician, and to use his clinical experience to help develop new therapies. Seth joined the team in the winter of 2019.


Kathleen Moser

Kathleen is working towards a B.A. in Psychology. Her main interests involve biological, behavioral, and cognitive psychology. She hopes to use research experience  to further her understanding of the psychology field. Upon graduation, Kathleen will pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology. She hopes to use a psychology background
to help rejuvenate the scientific fields and portray data in a casual manner. Kathleen joined the team in the spring of 2020.


Kate Wisniewski

The RAISE LAB is Kate's first experience with research which she is hoping will give her the skills she needs to succeed in the field of psychology. She hopes to continue on to a graduate program in abnormal psychology and hopes to work with people in the early stages of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Kate joined the team in Spring 2020.


Allie Finney 

Allie is working towards her B.A. in Psychology and B.M. in Music Elective Studies. She is most interested in child and adolescent therapy with a focus on behavioral disorders. She is planning to attend graduate school in the fall of 2021 to begin her master’s degree in clinical psychology. RAISE Lab will be her first experience with research where she hopes to gain new perspectives and knowledge within the field of psychology. Allie joined the team in the summer of 2020.




Tiana Douglas-Brown 

Tiana Douglas-Brown is working toward a B.S. in Psychology with minors in Professional Education and Civic and Professional Leadership. Her primary interests include the role of self-efficacy in the educational and psychological functioning of adolescents, and the psychosocial precursors of achievement for at-risk youth. As she nears the end of her undergraduate career, Tiana hopes to gain more experience and familiarity with clinical research. And upon graduation, she plans to pursue a graduate degree in School and Mental Health Counseling. Tiana joined the team in Summer 2020.


Ashley Fox

Ashley is pursuing a B.A. in psychology. Upon graduation, she plans to further her education by working towards a graduate degree in clinical mental health. Her previous research has been with the ECCEL lab at WCU, which included conducting assessments with preschool-aged children. In working with the RAISE lab, Ashley hopes to gain more experience to help with her future goal of providing therapy to children and adolescents.


Veronica Jeffers

Veronica is pursuing a B.S. in Psychology. The RAISE Lab is her first involvement with research. She looks forward to gaining experience working in the field with children at risk for mental health disorders. She is interested in mindfulness training practices as treatment for anxiety and depression. Veronica plans to continue her education towards a M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling starting Fall 2021. Her long-term goal is to become a licensed counselor and provide therapy to couples and families. Veronica joined the team in Summer 2020.




Kaylee Cavallo 

Kaylee is pursuing a B.S in psychology. RAISE lab is her first experience with research and she is looking forward to gaining skills within the clinical side of psychology. she hopes to aid in the healing of individuals and to encourage them to overcome their hardships while implementing mindfulness/meditation practices. Her main interests are biological and behavioral psychology. After college, she plans on pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology and work with individuals diagnosed with schizophrenia and PTSD. Kaylee joined the team in Fall 2020

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Are you interested in learning about our work, collaborating with us...etc? Dr. Grassetti plans to accept a doctoral student to the lab to begin training in Fall 2020 and Fall 2021. Find out more about the clinical PsyD program. To apply to the Clinical PsyD program, please apply through the graduate school. Dr. Grassetti encourages prospective students to contact her with questions or to request more information (
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