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Depletion-driven antiferromagnetic, paramagnetic, and ferromagnetic behavior in quasi-two-dimensional buckled colloidal solids
A. Hill, M. Tanaka, K.B. Aptowicz, C.K. Mishra, A.G. Yodh, and X. Ma
The Journal of Chemical Physics, 158, no 19 (2023)

Classification of Aggregates Using Multispectral Two-Dimensional Angular Light Scattering Simulations
J. M. Mendoza, K. Chen, S. Walters, E. Shipley, K.B. Aptowicz, and S. Holler
Molecules, 27, no 19, 6695 (2022)

Review of elastic light scattering from single aerosol particles and application in bioaerosol detection
Y.L. Pan, K.B. Aptowicz, J. Arnold, S. Cheng, A. Kalume, P. Piedra, C. Wang, J. Santarpia, and G. Videen
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 279, 108067 (2022)

Correlations between short- and long-time relaxation in colloidal supercooled liquids and glasses
C.K. Mishra, X. Ma, P. Habdas, K. B. Aptowicz, and A. G. Yodh 
Physical Review E, 100, 020603(R) (2019)

Characterizing the size and absorption of single nonspherical aerosol particles from angularly-resolved elastic light scattering
S. Walters, J. Zallie, G. Seymour, Y.L. Pan, G. Videen, and K.B. Aptowicz
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 224, pg 439-444 (2019)

Temperature-sensitive hydrogel-particle films from evaporating drops
T. Still, P.J. Yunker, K. Hanson, Z.S. Davidson, M.A. Lohr, K.B. Aptowicz, and A.G. Yodh
Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2, 1500371 (2015)

Vibrational and structural signatures of the crossover between dense glassy and sparse gel-like attractive colloidal packings
M.A. Lohr, T. Still, R. Ganti, M.D. Gratale, Z.S. Davidson, K.B. Aptowicz, C.P. Goodrich, D.M. Sussman, and A.G. Yodh
Physical Review E, 90, 062305 (2014)

Decomposition of atmospheric aerosol phase function by particle size and asphericity from measurements of single particle optical scattering patterns
K.B. Aptowicz, Y.L. Pan, S.D. Martin, E. Fernandez, R.K. Chang, and R.G. Pinnick
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 131, 12-23 (2013)

Automated classification of single airborne particles from two-dimensional angle-resolved optical scattering (TAOS) patterns by non-linear filtering
G.F. Crosta, Y.L. Pan, K.B. Aptowicz, C. Casati, R.G. Pinnick, R.K. Chang, and G.W. Videen
Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, 131, 215-233 (2013)

Synthesis of micrometer-size poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgel particles with homogeneous crosslinker density and diameter control
T. Still, K. Chen, A.M. Alsayed, K.B. Aptowicz, and A.G. Yodh
Journal of Colloid Interface Science, 405, 96-102 (2013)

Phonons in two-dimensional soft colloidal crystals
K. Chen, T. Still, S. Schoenholz, K.B. Aptowicz, M. Schindler, A.C. Maggs, A.J. Liu, and A.G. Yodh
Physical Review E, 131, 022315 (2013)

Phonons in two-dimensional colloidal crystals with bond-strength disorder
M.D. Gratale, P.J. Yunker, K. Chen, T. Still, K.B. Aptowicz, and A.G. Yodh
Physical Review E, 87, 052301 (2013)

Influence of surface roughness on the elastic-light scattering patterns of micron-sized aerosol particles  
J.C. Auger, G.E. Fernandes, K.B. Aptowicz, Y.L. Pan, and R.K. Chang
Applied Physics B, 99 pg 229–234 (2010)

Irreversible Rearrangements, Correlated Domains, and Local Structure in Aging Glasses  
P. Yunker, Z. Zhang, K.B. Aptowicz, and A. G. Yodh
Physical Review Letters, 103, 115701 (2009)

Thermal vestige of the zero-temperature jamming transition  
Z. Zhang, N. Xu, D.T.N Chen, P. Yunker, A.M. Alsayed, K.B. Aptowicz, P. Habdas, A.J. Liu, S.R. Nagel and A.G. Yodh
Nature, 459 (7244) 230-233 (2009)

Angularly resolved light scattering from aerosolized spores: observations and calculations
J.C. Auger, K.B. Aptowicz, R.G. Pinnick, Y.L. Pan, R.K. Chang
Optics Letters, 32, (22) 3358-3360 (2007)

Influence of Micro-particle Surface Roughness on TAOS Patterns: Experimental and Theoretical Studies
J.C. Auger, G.E. Fernandes, Y.L. Pan, K. Aptowicz, and R.K. Chang
PIERS Online, 3 (6) 897-899 (2007)

Simultaneous forward- and backward-hemisphere elastic-light-scattering patterns of respirable-size aerosols  
G.E. Fernandes, Y.L. Pan, R.K. Chang, K. Aptowicz, and R.G. Pinnick
Optics Letters 31 (20) 3034-3036 (2006)

Optical scattering patterns from single urban aerosol particles at Adelphi, Maryland, USA; a classification relating to particle morphologies
K.B. Aptowicz, R.G. Pinnick, S.C. Hill, Y.L. Pan, and R.K. Chang,
Journal of Geophysical Research, 111, D12212 (2006).

Two-dimensional angular optical scattering patterns in the mid-infrared of microdroplets: on and off absorption
K.B. Aptowicz, Y.L. Pan, and R.K. Chang, R.G. Pinnick, S.C. Hill, R.L. Tober, B.V. Bronk
Optics Letters, 29 (17) 1965-1967 (2004)

Characterizing and monitoring respiratory aerosols by light scattering
Y.L. Pan, K.B. Aptowicz, R.K. Chang, M. Hart, and J.D. Eversole
Optics Letters, 28 (8), 589-591 (2003)

Special thanks to all the collaborators on this work. Particularly, Richard K. Change, Ronald G. Pinnick, Yong-Le Pan, and Arjun G. Yodh