Computer Science Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science prepares the student for a career in the field of Computer Science and its applications as well as further study in Computer Science at the graduate level. The Department has an active internship program with local employers which offers invaluable real world exposure and contacts for future employment.

Within the Computer Science curriculum, majors are eligible to pursue the Computer Security Certificate for which transcript recognition is awarded, as well as the 4+1 Accelerated BS/MS Program.

Computer Science majors should pay attention to the prototypical schedules and the requirement term of their program (stated in their Degree Progress Report).

Advising Sheets

CS Major Certificate in Computer Security 4+1 Accelerated BS/MS Program Minors
Major Advising Sheet (pdf | xls )
Four year course plan and prototypical math sequence (pdf )
Security Advising Sheet (pdf )
Four year course plan (pdf )

Five year course plan (pdf )
Information Technology (IT)
Computer Science (CS)

Other documents