FEI Tecnai T12T TEM

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About the FEI Tecnai T12T TEM

The FEI TECNAI 12 TEM is a 120 kV instrument that was designed for remote operation, digital imaging and clean operation. Perhaps its most desirable characteristic is the close adherence of the manufacturer to the goal of peripheral embedment and centralized control (one mouse, one keyboard). This instrument interfaces seamlessly with a CCD (Charged Coupled Device) imaging device. The control of operating parameters and specimen movement is software-based and permits a measure of automation that is unique, at present, among currently available TEM's. Further, the 120 kV operating voltage as well as the capability to use tungsten or LaB6 filaments without major instrument modification are significant. We also have additional imaging software that permits users to automate the capture of both digital and analog images for montages of large areas of interest. This microscope provides the flexibility to later consider the integration of specific analytic equipment such as EDS, scanning TEM (STEM) and tomography.