Registration: Undergraduate Non-Degree - Applied Students

Information for Students who have Applied for Undergraduate Admission

If you have applied for admission into West Chester University, the undergraduate non-degree program is a great way to get a jump start on your college journey. Whether you continue your college studies at West Chester University or another institution, the non-degree program can give you college experience and possibility provide an opportunity to supplement your undergraduate career.

All grades earned as a non-degree student will remain on your West Chester University transcript and will be included in the computation of the cumulative GPA should you be accepted into a degree program. If you attend another institution, it would be at the discretion of that institution whether or not to accept the credits you earned at WCU as transfer credits.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the Undergraduate Non-Degree Terms and Conditions, non-degree students who have applied for undergraduate admission must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum GPA, based on highest level of education:
    • High School Graduate: minimum GPA of 2.80
    • Current/Former College Student: minimum GPA of 2.00 from current/most recent accredited institution attended
  • Possess necessary prerequisite coursework and/or demonstrate, prior to enrollment, minimum performance competencies required for the course

Required Supporting Documentation

Along with the Non-Degree Application, students must submit the following:

  • Unofficial/official transcript from current or most recent institution attended
    • High School Graduate: Unofficial/official high school transcript showing minimum GPA of 2.8
    • Current/Former College Student: Unofficial/official college transcript from current/most recent accredited institution showing minimum GPA of 2.00
  • Proof that minimum performance competencies for the course have been met

Note:  If the Office of Admissions has most recent transcript(s), they do not need to be re-submitted.

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