MUE 679 - Songwriting for Educators

Innovative Strategies for Writing, Producing, and Performing Student Creative Works in the Music Classroom

July 22-26, 2024

This graduate-level seminar investigates the complete journey of music in the digital era, from creation through publication and consumption. Emphasizing pedagogical strategies, students investigate songwriting techniques, digital audio workstations, and online collaborative platforms, gaining hands-on experience in creating, editing, and distributing music. Throughout the course, participants analyze the impact of experiential practices and collaborative creation in the music classroom.


Daily Schedule

MUE 679 will meet in person at Swope Music Building from July 22-26. An overview of the daily schedule is forthcoming.

Workshop Registration and Course Enrollment

Professional Development (Act 48) Workshop Registration


Participant - $1200
Current WCU Undergraduate Student - $500
Audit the Course - $500

If you register for the Workshop you will not receive graduate credit through WCU.

Professional Development (Act 48) Workshop Registration

Course Enrollment

  • MUE 679 – Special Subjects Seminar
    • 3 credits
    • Can count as an elective course for any of our Masters Degrees.

Tuition Costs

In-State Tuition - $516 per credit plus fees
Out-of-State Tuition - $774 per credit plus fees

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Contact Dr. Marci Major at if you have questions about enrolling for graduate credit.


Devin Arne, Assistant Professor

Devin Arne
Assistant Professor

Sarah Gullish, Adjunct Professor

Sarah Gullish
Adjunct Professor