It is necessary and desirable for ensembles to schedule extra rehearsals and extra performances from time to time both on and off campus. These extra commitments can interfere with a student's educational progress unless expectations are kept within reasonable limits. Some students can accommodate heavier schedules than others. Some ensembles have heavier schedules than others and therefore the policy needs to be implemented with flexibility. Extra performances are defined as those performances that are not an annual event in the ensemble schedule.


Extra performances on and off campus by ensembles are generally limited to no more than two per semester, or, in the case of marching band, three performances per year. This includes weekends but does not include vacation times. No extra performances will be scheduled during the last two weeks of class or during the final examination period in any semester. Extra rehearsals and all other ensemble events will be scheduled outside regular university class time, that is Friday evenings and weekends. These rehearsals and events will be limited to no more than two per year.


A. Faculty and Student responsibilities

Insofar as is possible, students will be told by their ensemble directors at the beginning of each semester what extra rehearsal or extra performing obligations are anticipated. If an extra performance conflicts with a scheduled class period, the ensemble director may request that the student or students involved be released from class for that period. If a faculty member feels a particular ensemble is exceeding "reasonable expectations", the Dean will convene a special meeting between the ensemble director and the faculty member in an effort to resolve the situation. Students are required to make up all class and studio work within one week of a class or lesson that is missed due to an extra performance. Students engaged in student teaching receive up to five full days of absences for adverse weather conditions, conferences, emergencies, interviews and performances. Refer to Professional Sequence Handbook for specific details and procedures. Over five absences must be made up.

B. Dean's Office Responsibilities

The Office of the Dean will receive notification of all extra rehearsals and extra performances as near to the beginning of each semester as possible but certainly no later than two weeks prior to the event, together with the names of participating students. These lists will then be distributed to all faculty. The Dean reserves the right to cancel any extra rehearsal or extra performance if, in his view, the event is likely to cause excessive disruption to the regular school schedule. In addition, a student may be excused from an extra rehearsal or extra performance if, in the view of the Dean, that student is under extreme stress. Exceptions to the general policy may be made from time to time in order to meet special circumstances or needs within the School.

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