EdTech & User Services

EdTech & User Services consists of the the IT Help Desk for staff and faculty, D2L (the learning management system) used by WCU to support online education for faculty and students, Tech Fee which acquires, installs, and maintains technologies, and Multimedia Services (Presentation systems and Video Conferencing rooms).

 IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure Services department manages the underlying infrastructure that provides computing and communications services across campus. Reporting to the Information Services CIO and supervised by the Executive Director of IT Infrastructure Services, the IT Infrastructure Services department is broken down into 4 functional service areas: Networking (LAN, wireless and Internet); Converged Communications (unified communication services, voicemail, fax lines, and cell phones); Systems and Cloud Services (server, storage, and e-mail); and ResNet Central (Resident and Commuter Student computer and network access support services).

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