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College of Health Sciences

Staff Spotlight

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College of Health Sciences

Sturzebecker Health Sciences Center
855 S. New Street
West Chester, PA 19383

Dr. Scott Heinerichs
Dean (interim)
Phone: 610-436-2825
Fax: 610-436-2860

Marge Curran
Secretary, Dean
Phone: 610-436-2825

Melissa Reed
Associate Dean (interim)
Phone: 610-436-2825

Debra Murray
Budget Manager
Phone: 610-738-2385

Amanda Blue
Outreach Business Manager
Phone: 610-738-0411

Jana Davis

Jana Davis
  • Hometown
    "West Chester, PA"
  • Your alma mater?
    "West Chester University (Of course!)"
  • What is your occupation/role in the CHS?
    "Secretary for the Nutrition Department"
  • How long have you been at WCU?
    "Two years"
  • How did you land at WCU?
    "Prior to coming to WCU, I worked in an extremely high-pressure management position. After a particularly stressful week I went on-line "just to see what other opportunities might be out there for me". I applied to a position at WCU and received an invitation a few weeks later to interview with Dr. Jeff Harris. Who could turn down any position working for Jeff Harris?"
  • What's the best part of your job?
    "The people - students, faculty and staff. I expected the faculty to be aloof, but they're not. They are fun, wacky, approachable, caring individuals. Across the campus, I have found the staff to be unbelievably welcoming and always willing to help. Within the College of Health Sciences, I have made some of my most loyal and dearest friends. Finally, the students are remarkable. They make me laugh at their stories, their wit, and their escapades. They warm my heart with their gratitude for the smallest effort made on their behalf. Their intelligence, perseverance and resilience give me hope for the future."
  • What do you wish you could share with all incoming freshman students?
    "Relax and enjoy your college experience. Certainly study hard, but make time to take advantage of the wonderful extra-curricular opportunities available to you. Join a club, attend events, volunteer, take a trip. The four years will go by very quickly. Be sure to take time to make some memories that will last a lifetime."
  • What do you wish you could share with all graduating seniors?
    "Explore your options and don't be afraid to try something new. Your education and degree from WCU will help open doors for you, but you don't have to walk through the same door that everyone else does. As Robert Frost pointed out, sometimes taking the path less traveled can make all the difference."
  • What makes you most proud of WCU?
    "I am very proud of the University's commitment to providing a quality education while remaining dedicated to maintaining ethical and fair standards for students, faculty and staff."