Founded in 2011, the Center for Contemplative Studies has as its mission to create a culture for students, faculty, and the community to understand, apply and create a contemplative approach to life and learning. The vision is to improve physical and mental health and wellbeing within the West Chester University community. The Center will implement this mission by providing experiences and synthesis of contemplative practices; for individuals, educators, researchers and community service.

Not sure what contemplative studies is? Well, if you've heard of Yoga, mindfulness meditation, or T'ai Chi Ch'uan, you've already heard about contemplative practices.

The Center for Contemplative Studies has three main branches:

  • Research
  • Service
  • Academic

The Center also offers a monthly seminar series for continuing professional education of clinicians and educators, as well as day-long mindfulness retreats for the University and community each semester. You'll find these events listed in our calendar. Also, please visit our Social Media for events and resources.

The Center is located in the Ehinger Office Annex between Ehinger Gym and Science Complex North. We are across from Anderson Hall and between University Avenue and West Rosedale Avenue on South Church Street.

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