CORAL Technology

Resources and Tools for CORAL Students, Project Guides and Faculty

FileMan: File Transfer

FileMan is a web-based File Manager that allows a team member to upload and share documents with other team members. In addition, team members can create new files, edit existing files, download files and search for files. Help on FileMan.

CORAL Reef : Real-time discussions -

Talker site (chat room) with that you can access using a web browser. CORAL Reef is a collection of rooms that are arranged so that several groups of people can work without disturbing each other. Rooms can be set to "private" so that others cannot accidentally wander in, and sessions can be recorded to a file for later review.

WebBoard : Online interactive discussions

Webboards are used to support communication within a group. Each team has its own webboard to work out schedules, discuss revisions and other project related issues. The project guides use a webboard to coordinate the mentoring process. Help files are linked to the webboards.

CORAL Calendar : An online multi-user calendar

There is a linked calendar for each student team, used to track team-specific deadlines and meetings, and a CORAL organizational calendar for posting overall dates such as classroom videoconferences. Entries can be placed on an individual calendar, or posted to all the calendars. The calendars can send email reminders of selected events.

Video Conferencing : real-time communication via sound and cameras

Real-time communication between students at West Chester University.

Laptop Computers : Mobile computers faciliate team clustering

Laptop computers at each site allow teams to communicate using online communication systems to include PC-based video conferencing, the CORAL Reef, and team webboards.

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