Collaborative Analysis 4


  • Did you use proper grammar?
  • Did you write in “one voice”? (cohesive; no cut and paste)

Format Style:

  • Do you have a properly formatted title page?
  • Do you have a complete reference page?
  • Have you followed other APA guidelines?

Relevant Readings:

Collaborative Analysis Content:

  • Did you describe relevant team effectiveness processes from the first three Collaborative Analyses?
  • Did you include examples of team communication processes from your team?WTWdata?
  • Did you incorporate teamnormsandroles? Explain how they changed from week one-to week fifteen!
  • Did you address dysfunction # 4 & 5 Accountability & Results?
  • Explain without defining your teams accountability policy. Provide detail as to how the policy has changed throughout the semester!
  • Results-oriented teams establish their own measurements for success. Discuss how your team measured collaborative success. This is apart from PG feedback.

Team Evolution:

  • Have you thoroughly applied Tuckman’s stages to your team for the entire semester?
  • Did you list examples of developmental stages from team experiences semester for the entire semester?
  • Have you clearly presented, illustrated, and explainedwho-to-whomdata for the entire semester?
  • Did you include a complete table of problems and solutions?

Problems Encountered / Barriers to Effectiveness & Solutions:

  • Most significant challenges
  • Most helpful solutions
  • Lessons learned


  • Did you integrate Collaborative Analyses I, II & III?
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