Collaborative Analysis 2

  • Writing/Language:

    • Did you use proper grammar?
    • Did you use clear, concise, and logical language?

    Format Style:

    • Do you have a properly formatted title page?
    • Have you followed other APA guidelines?

    Social Psychology Processes:

    • Did you describe relevant social psychological processes? (e.g. the self serving bias, the homogeneity bias, the ultimate attribution error)?
    • Did you give examples of these cognitive biases from your team?
    • Did you discuss how these biases affect your team’s functioning?
    • Do all team members have these biases?
    • Did you discuss how to eliminate these biases?

    Group Processes:

    • Have you identified and defined Tuckman’s stages? Only define those stages applicable.
    • Did you use examples from your team to explain Tuckman’s stages?
    • Have you clearly presented, illustrated, and explained who-to-whom data?
    • Did you define norms?
    • Did you give examples of norms from your team?
    • Did you define roles?
    • Did you give examples of roles from your team?

    Problems encountered and Solutions:

    • Did you include a complete table of problems and solutions?

    Reference page

    • Does your reference page include West Chester and Clarion references?
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