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Your entire degree is delivered in a 100% online class format.  Graduate in less than a year as a full-time student!  Many students take one course at time, part time, and graduate in less than two years!   

24/7 Any time


On Your Time,

Our online courses are asynchronous, which means that there are weekly deadlines and examination windows, but generally no other set time that you need to log into the course. This means that you can complete your classwork on your weekly schedule – around your work and family commitments. 

7 Week Sessions 5 sessions/year


Week Session
5 Sessions/Year

Classes are held over a 7-week term. Five terms are offered in each academic year (Fall 1, Fall 2, Spring 1, Spring 2 and Summer 1). Each 7-week term course is a full 3-credit graduate course. Most part-time students take only one course per 7-week term. Full-time students take multiple courses per 7-week term. You can vary your load in a given session to suit your work/life balance.    The West Chester MBA consistently offers  sections of every required course in every 7-week term. 

10 courses



West Chester University's MBA is a 10 course, 30 credit program  . All courses are required, and all requirements for the MBA must be completed within three years. All students will complete a comprehensive exam in their final semester.  The degree will be granted only when the student's comprehensive exam score meets the passing standard set by the Graduate Curriculum Management Committee.