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We are highly ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the Best Online MBA Programs for 2023.   

Best online veterans program 2023

We are ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the best Online MBA Programs for Veterans for 2023

10 courses online

The MBA is a 10 course, 30 credit program  . All courses are required, and all requirements for the MBA must be completed within three years. All students will complete a comprehensive exam in their final semester.  The degree will be granted only when the student's comprehensive exam score meets the passing standard set by the Graduate Curriculum Management Committee.

100% online

Your entire degree is delivered in a 100% online class format.  You can take one course at time, part time, and graduate in less than two years!   Many students complete their entire degree online in less than one year as a full time student.

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Strategic Cost Management


mba 602 financial analysis and valuation


MBA 603 Global Operations and Supply Chain Management


MBA 604 Components of Effective Leadership


MBA 605 Business, Society & Environment


MBA 606 Innovation and Marketing Strategy



MBA 607 Economic Analysis for Business


MBA 610 Law and Ethics in the Business Environment


MBA 611 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation




MBA 611 Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation  This course introduces students to the concept of entrepreneurship and the process of new venture creation. Topics addressed in the course include idea generation, feasibility assessment, industry analysis, market research, funding, financial planning, and marketing, as well as writing and presenting a business plan. Theories and techniques learned in this course will be used to develop a comprehensive entrepreneurship project.


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