Learning Goals

Objectives of the MBA Program: The WCU MBA program provides businesses and non-profits with managers who are able to:

  1. Acquire advanced discipline-specific knowledge;
  2. Use critical thinking to make sound business decisions;
  3. Use advanced quantitative methods and business analytics to solve problems;
  4. Be ethical leaders in their organizations.

These skills and abilities are achieved within the following Learning Goals of the WCU MBA:

  1. Knowledge - Students will understand advanced discipline-specific concepts in marketing, management, finance, economics and accounting;
  2. Analytical Skills - Students will be able to integrate and apply advanced business concepts across disciplines to solve business problems.
  3. Business Analytics - Students will apply advanced quantitative methods and business analytics to analyze business problems. 
  4. Ethical Mindset- Students will identify and analyze advanced leadership, legal and ethical challenges and demonstrate the ability to devise appropriate solutions.
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