Student Data Incident Form

If you see a data release, don’t ignore it! Take Action.

Unauthorized releases of student records happen from time to time- sometimes by accident, due to an oversight, or due to unavoidable circumstances. The greatest individual and institutional risk surrounding incidents is when it isn’t reported.

What does an Incident involving student data look like?
Anytime a piece of a student’s record is released, shared or lost it can be a FERPA incident. Here are some example of student data release incidents:

  • An email containing record information is sent to the wrong student.
  • A laptop (or other devise) holding student grades/records is lost/stolen.
  • A piece of a student’s record (transcript, bill, schedule) is found in a public place.
Even if you aren’t sure if there has been an authorized release or other violation of FERPA, it is better to contact the Registrar’s office.


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