**In consideration of health guidelines, masks are required when visiting the Office of Student Conduct. Please contact the Office of Student Conduct at 610-436-3511 or studentconduct@wcupa.edu to schedule an appointment. Virtual appointments are also available.**

The Office of Student Conduct wants you to be a successful and responsible member of our community throughout your time at WCU. Our mission is to maintain an educational environment through upholding community standards and foster personal development by assisting individuals in evaluating decisions to promote learning and social responsibility.

As a member of the WCU community, the University expects you to abide by the Student Code of Conduct both on and off campus. When you make choices and behave in a manner that does not reflect the standards defined in the Student Code of Conduct, University disciplinary action may take place.

In accordance with the University mission and values statement, the Office of Student Conduct contributes to maintaining a socially responsible community. The Office of Student Conduct serves students, faculty, staff and parents as well as the University's community constituents to address student conduct issues by:

  • Assisting in the dissemination, interpretation and enforcement of campus policies;
  • Ensuring that the student's right of due process is applied fairly and consistently;
  • Collaborating with the University and community constituents to address student behavioral issues;
  • Providing leadership opportunities for students participating on the University Hearing Board;
  • Offering learning experiences for students through the University conduct process.

Please note:  The Office of Student Conduct sends all official correspondence through email utilizing the student’s West Chester University issued email address. This is our primary and official form of communication. Students are expected to check their University email daily. Any and all consequences that result when University email is not read or checked regularly are the responsibility of the individual student.

If this is an emergency, please call Public Safety at 610-436-3311.

  • Our school cares about the safety of it's students - WCU Studnet
  • Most Students agree that the conduct process is educational
  • Most students agree that their options are fully explained prior to decided to resolve their case through a conduct meeting
  • Student conduct has taught me that everyone makes mistrakes, but it is important to learn and grow from those mistakes and be the best individual i can be. - WCU Student


Pay a Fine

The "Pay a Fine" link above takes you to MyWCU. Refer to your Outcome letter or the FAQs page on the Conduct web site for instructions on how to pay.

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