Is the job, school or program you are applying for asking about your disciplinary history at WCU on their application?

If so, you may need to get disciplinary clearance from the Office of Student Conduct as a required part of your application. Please read the directions carefully on your application so you understand what information is being asked of you. If disciplinary clearance is necessary, please complete the Certifications and Disciplinary Records Request Form.

Remember, if applicable, you will also need to bring the specific form that needs to be completed by Student Conduct to the Office of Student Conduct in 200 Ruby Jones Hall for processing. It typically takes 24-48 hours for a form to be processed. You will typically need Disciplinary Clearance if you are applying for any of the following:

  • Study Abroad
  • Graduate School
  • Medical and Law Schools
  • Law - State Bar Applicants
  • US government positions and employment positions that require governmental security clearance
  • Police Academy Applicant and Police Officer
  • Military
  • University paraprofessional employment (Orientation Leader, Peer Mentor, Resident Assistant, etc.)
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