University Hearing Board

The University Hearing Board is comprised of faculty members, administrators, and student representatives. The University Hearing Board is convened at the request of an accused student. Each board is comprised of one professional staff or faculty member and two other members. All three members have equal involvement in hearing disciplinary cases and rendering decisions.

Students interested in applying for the University Hearing Board need to complete an application and supply references. Applicants must be in good academic standing (2.5 or higher GPA) and free of any disciplinary restrictions. Training is required prior to serving on a case.

Interested staff and faculty members should contact Kirsten Lenthe, Assistant Director of Student Conduct.



Why Participate on the University Hearing Board?

  • To have an opportunity to make an impact on students by assisting them in their growth and development.
  • To gain experience in analytical and critical thinking, decision making, and understanding the principles of due process.
  • To become more familiar with University policies and procedures.

How much time does it take?

Your participation varies depending upon your academic, work and extracurricular schedule. Board Hearings typically take place on Tuesdays and Fridays. The time for each case depends upon the number of witnesses and the complexity of the case, but you are typically asked to block two hours for a hearing.

What exactly will I do as a student member?


Boards are composed of a Chairperson (faculty or professional staff member) and two other members. The Board will be provided with a “script” which is the procedural guidelines for the Hearing. Each case involves:

  • reviewing the materials prior to the Hearing,
  • listening to information from the complainant, accused student and any witnesses,
  • determining whether the accused student is responsible/non-responsible for the alleged violation,
  • and determining an appropriate sanction if necessary.

Will I be trained?

 Training consists of three hours of in person training provided by the Office of Student Conduct. Supplemental training sessions and case reviews will be provided as needed.

What if I know about the case or the people involved?

Members may remove themselves from a case if knowledge of an event or of the individual(s) involved would affect their objectivity.

What are the requirements to be on the University Hearing Board?

  • Must be in good academic (GPA 2.5 or above) and disciplinary standing.
  • Must complete an application and submit recommendations.
  • Will be interviewed by the Director of Student Conduct or the Assistant Director of Student Conduct.
Additional questions or concerns? Contact Christina Brenner, Director of Student Conduct at 610-436-3511, 200 Ruby Jones Hall.
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