Social Impact Courses and Academic Programs

Did you know that you can serve your community while earning academic credit? Traditionally referred to as “service-learning,” we have academic programs and courses throughout the university that provide such opportunities. Service-learning is a form of experiential education that combines civic engagement with curricular goals. Students work towards addressing a social problem or meeting an identified need in the community. This work is usually done outside the classroom, but not always.

Community Engagement Pathway Certificate

The Pathway Certificate for Community Engagement is a 12 credit academic certification designed to develop civic engagement and a commitment to the public good. The CE pathway certificate at WCU is part of a nationwide movement to renew the practice of fostering participatory democracy in institutions of higher learning. All CE courses engage students in hands-on community engagement projects designed to meet authentic public needs. Such projects may take many forms, including: direct service, advocacy, research, and/or community organizing. In all CE courses, engagement with the community is also deeply connected to curricular goals through critical reflection on the root structural issues and ethical dilemmas faced by citizens in our diverse society.

Service-Learning Courses at WCU

Examples from previous academic years:

Spring 2020

PLN 405/605: Planning Design

HEA 653: Applied Mindfulness Practicum

PAX 400-02: Peace and Conflict Studies Seminar

SMD 618: AT Clinical Experience 5

HON 490: Senior Capstone

EDR 307-02: Foundations in Reading PreK-4

PSY 410: Research

COM 499-05: Advanced Small Group Communication

MDC 423: Media Campaigns

MDC 252: Media Writing

PSY 441-02/03: Field Experience in Psychology

Fall 2019

EDR 307: First Year Experience

FYB 100C-02: Industrial Hygiene

PSC 353-01: Latino Politics

FYE 100A-02: First Year Experience

ENG 368-12: Business & Organizational Writing

WRT 120: Effective Writing

NSG 216: Healthy Aging

MKT 330-03/04: Consumer Behavior

MDC 252: Media Writing

SPK 230-82/84/88/89: Business and Professional Speech

PSY 441/442: Field Experience in Psychology

SWG 571: Social Work with Older Adults

NTD 320: Strategies in Dietetics

NTD 409: Professional Skills in Dietetics

SPA 304: Spanish Language Topics in the Community

SMD 417: Injury Management III

PSC 401: Senior Research Seminar

MKT 490: Entrepreneurial Marketing Research

COM 385-01/02/03: Family Communication

MKT 330-03: Consumer Behavior

GEO 585: Field Methods

CSD 498: Interprofessional Education

SLP 598: Practice Experience

ENV 524: Industrial Hygiene

EDR 307-80: Foundations in Reading