Academic Quick Links and Key Terms

Academic Calendar- Important dates and deadlines are found here. Make sure you are looking at the dates for the appropriate term (i.e. Session 01, Session 71, and Session 72)

Add a Graduate Certificate- This can be done in myWCU Self-Service after a student’s first semester in a graduate degree program.

Applying for Graduation- All graduate students must apply for graduation before being permitted to participate in commencement or have a degree conferred. Students also need to apply for certificate completion. Students must apply through myWCU Self-Service .

Change of Bio/Demo- Submit this form to the Registrar’s Office to change your name, address or other biographical information.

Change Degree Program/Concentration- Submit this form to request a change of graduate degree program or concentration.

Commencement- Information about upcoming commencement ceremonies can be found on the University’s commencement website. Participation in commencement does not guarantee degree conferral.

Deactivation of WCU email and myWCU- Your WCU e-mail account will be deactivated 90 days after degree conferral.

Degree Conferral: Here is the process for awarding degrees. Please note that this is unrelated to participating in graduation ceremonies.

  1. Grades Are Posted
    • It typically takes 6 days after the last day of the semester for official grades to be posted for a semester. All grades posted must be final before a student is considered eligible to receive their degree.
  2. Department Review
    • Once grades are posted, each department begins reviewing the records for students in their program(s). They ensure all requirements have been completed.
  3. The Graduate School Review
    • After the departments complete their clearances, the Graduate School completes a final review for each student.
  4. Degree Awarded
    • Once the degree is awarded, the student is notified by email, the record is officially sealed and cannot be changed or adjusted.

This process may take up to 6 weeks to complete. Once awarded, your degree will appear on your unofficial transcript within myWCU and on your official transcripts.

Do not order an official transcript until you receive email notification that the degree has been awarded.

Please make sure to clear any holds on your account that might prevent the release of your transcript or diploma.

Dropping vs. Withdrawing from a Course: Dropping a course can be completed during the official add/drop period in a given session (please refer to the academic calendar attached to the course). Dropping a course means it will not show on a transcript (the course and the tuition charges will be dropped). After the add/drop period ends, students can withdraw from a course through the student portal with a W grade (tuition charges will not be dropped).

Graduation Honors- The Graduate School does not have honors designations for graduation. Since all graduate students must maintain a 3.0 GPA, honors designations would be redundant.

Leave of Absence: Complete this form if you plan to be away from WCU for more than two consecutive semesters but plan to return.

Petition for Exception to Policy- Follow these instructions to submit a petition for exception to policy.

Readmission - Students who have been inactive in a graduate program for 3 consecutive semesters must submit this form to reapply.

Term Withdrawal- Submit this form to withdraw from all classes in a term/session but still plan to return in a future term.

Transfer of Graduate Credit- Submit this form to request previously-earned graduate credits to transfer to your graduate degree program.

University Withdrawal- Submit this form to withdraw from the program/university. This is done when a student does not intend to return to their graduate program.