The culmination of the Institute is the completion of a capstone project, proposal, or presentation by participants. The capstone is a demonstration of the knowledge gained during the Institute and either a sharing of that information or an application practice. The purpose of the capstone is twofold: 1) to indicate that the participant has expanded their knowledge of the importance of diversity and inclusion and shows. their ability to create and enhance opportunities to build self-awareness, knowledge and skills to interact effectively with aspects of diversity, inclusion, culture and global differences; and 2) to promote a welcoming and inclusive University environment by demonstrating a commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion.

For faculty and staff, this project can enhance their performance evaluation either through effective teaching, mentoring , advising, outreach, or through professional growth or completion of a performance goal. For students, the capstone can be a part of their co-curricular experience to enhance their cultural competence in their field of study or serve to enrich the student experience at WCU. 

For the capstone, participants who successfully complete the four (4) Core workshops and four (4) Elective workshops will be charged with creating and delivering a theory-to-practice project, proposal or presentation.

Before beginning the capstone, a description with a projected timeline for completion must be submitted to the Office for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion for review. The capstone must be completed or almost complete within 18 months of enrollment in the Institute. We recognize that some capstone ideas may extend past the deadline (such as a presentation for a conference being held at a later date).

There are many ways to move from theory or “thinking” to practice or “doing.” Examples of what a capstone might be include:

ideas image

  • Diversity and Inclusion program or workshop for students, faculty, staff, a professional organization or community group
  • Enhanced curriculum diversity within a course
  • Article or Conference Presentation
  • Presentation for faculty, staff, department or local organization
  • Development and implementation of a department diversity & inclusion goal and strategy
  • Analysis of an existing departmental or division diversity initiative for improvement or change
  • Research and proposal of a policy change
  • Proposal for the creation of a new academic course 
  • Research and collection of diversity & inclusion resources
  • Creation of a  new website, video or presentation
  • Creation of an "Innovation in Diversity & Inclusion Grant Proposal"