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Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability and Resilience

Students must complete a minimum of six credits of advanced standing coursework in their minor.*

Code Title Credits
Required Courses
SUS 100Introduction to Sustainability and Resilience3
SUS 400Sustainability Capstone: Application & Leadership3
Select 4 elective courses from the lists below, at least two of which must be advanced standing courses, and one of which must be a sustainability-related course within the student’s major. Courses can be selected from the approved lists or approved on a case-by-case basis by the minor advisor. The courses may also be part of the sustainability general education pathway.12
Sustainable Food Systems
BIO 270
ESS 102
Humans and the Environment
ESS 127
Movies, Media, and Entertainment from an Earth and Space Science Perspective
GEO 205
Geography of Agriculture, Food & Sustainability
GEO 230
Environmental Conservation and Sustainability
PAX 200
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies
RUX 110
Introduction to Urban Community Change
SCI 100
Climate Change
SOC 245
Environmental Sociology
WOS 260
Globalization and the Ethics of Sustainability
Advanced Standing Electives
ANT 367
Archaeology and the Environment
BIO 315
Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology
BIO 415
Tropical Ecology and Conservation
BIO 471
BIO 473
Conservation Biology
CHE 403
Chemistry of the Environment
COM 335
Corporations and Social Impact
CRJ 325
Animal Cruelty
ECO 385
Environmental & Resource Economics
EDO 415
History Of Conservation
EDO 400
Environmental Sustainability Educ: History, Theory & Practice
EDO 420
Outdoor and Place-Based Education
EDO 425
Independent Studies in Environment Educ
EDO 450
Education for Sustainability: Methods and Field Experience
EDO 498
Workshop In Environmental Education
ENG 305
Environmental/Experiential Writing: Taking Action
ENV 447
Environmental Regulations
ENV 324
Environmental Sustainability
GEO 332
Environmental Crises
GEO 334
Sustainable Living
GEO 336
Environmental Planning
GEO 338
Environmental Application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
HON 314
Science, Technology, and Environmental Systems
MGT 313
Business and Society
NTD 325
The Food Chain
PHI 451
Religion and Ecology
PHI 480
Environmental Ethics
PSC 325
Campaigns and Elections
PSC 354
Sustainability Politics and Policy
SOC 309
Sustainable WCU & Beyond
WRH 310
Written Rhetoric: Power, Politics, and Environmental Writing
Total Minimum Credits Required18

*Advanced standing coursework is defined as any 300-level course or above and specific 200-level courses identified by the department.

Other Classes (Upon Director's Approval)

  • ARH 401. Contemporary Art. (permission req)
  • BIO 270. Ecology. (pre-req)
  • BIO 277. Vertebrate Ecology. (pre-req)
  • BIO 315. Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology. (pre-req)
  • BIO 470. Population Biology. (pre-req)
  • BIO 476. Freshwater Ecology. (pre-req)
  • CRJ 318. Environmental Crime. (pre-req)
  • CRJ 325. Animal Cruelty. (pre-req)
  • EDO 410. Systems in Sustainability Ed.
  • ENV 324. Environmental Sustainability.
  • ENV 447. Environmental Regulations. (pre-req)
  • ENV 451. Environmental Toxicology. (pre-req)
  • ENV 462. Water Quality and Health. (pre-req)
  • ESP 317. Utopia & Apocalypse in the Americas.
  • ESS 127. Movies, Media, and Entertainment from an Earth and Space Science Perspective.
  • ESS 128. The Science of Natural Disasters.
  • ESS 301. Environmental Geochemistry. (pre-req)
  • ESS 336. Environmental Geology. (pre-req)
  • EXS 487. Physical Activity and the Environment. (pre-req)
  • GST 110. Intro to Global Studies.
  • LNC 105. Global Science Fiction.
  • MDC 420. Mass Media & Social Protest. (ethics, pre-reqs)
  • NTD 226. Farm to Table.
  • NTD 304. Global Nutrition.
  • NTD 305. Vegetarian Nutrition. (pre-req)
  • NTD 315. Food - Mind - Spirit. (pre-reqs)
  • NTD 415. Community Nutrition. (pre-req)
  • NTD 426. Farm to Table Food Product Development. (pre-req)
  • PAX 200. Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies. (I)
  • PAX 377. Community Organizing: Strategies and Practice. (pre-reqs)
  • PHY 125. Theology and Science: Enemies or Partners.
  • PLN 316. Planning for Resilient Communities and Natural Disasters.
  • PLN 336. Environmental Planning.
  • PSC 325. Campaigns and Elections.
  • PSC 351. Energy and the Political Process.
  • PSC 371. State and Local Government.
  • PSY 400. Senior Seminar (special topic): Social Psychology of Climate Change and Dystopian Futures.
  • RUX 110. Introduction to Urban Community Change.
  • RUX 215. Liberation Psychology: Sustaining Community Change. (pre-req)
  • RUX 377. Community Organizing: Strategies and Practice. (pre-req)
  • WOS 280. Globalization & Ethics of Sustainability.
  • WOS 366. Gender, Labor and Globalization.

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