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Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability: SUS minor

What is the SUS minor?

Are you concerned about the state of the world – for example, the climate crisis? Threats to vulnerable human populations? Mass extinctions? Bad water or air quality? Are you hopeful about the future – your ability to have your voice heard, enact change, protect and defend threatened people and other species, create the healthy and equitable world you want to live in with your families and friends?

Then the Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability & Resilience is for you!

This minor program draws from class options across the campus – all fields, majors, and departments – to address the environmental, humanitarian, and economic crises facing us through classroom and applied projects. The required classes give you foundational skills and then allow you to pull all of your knowledge together in practical, applied projects in a capstone course. This minor will give you the broad, interdisciplinary knowledge, leadership dispositions, and practical tools you will need to confront the complex problems of your futures.


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