What courses will I take this fall?

All students will take two courses. The courses you take will depend on the results of your placement assessments. If you place into a developmental math course, one of the courses you take will be developmental math. In addition to the two ASP courses, students will take a full course load during their first semester. 

Are Fall ASP students behind other students?

Fall start ASP students are on track with every other first-year student. Summer start ASP students are slightly ahead.

How will the Academic Success Program help me in the fall semester?

When you come to campus in the fall, you will be returning with approximately 200 friends, many of whom will be in your fall classes. You might also have a professor in the fall that you had during the summer. You will get to know the Academic Success Program team and the ways we can continue to help you. You will become well acquainted with the University’s online systems, including MyWCU and D2L. Perhaps the major advantage is you will already have completed those courses that you would otherwise take in the fall, had you not participated in the Summer Session. In all these ways, you will be ahead of all other first-year students who are starting in the fall. You may even realize other advantages.

Can I be dismissed from the Academic Success Program?

Yes, there are some circumstances in which dismissal is possible: (1) If, in the opinion of the faculty and staff, a student is not making academic progress, especially because of lack of effort, that student, in his/her best interest, will have admission in the fall cancelled; (2) Violations of the program’s attendance policy for class, tutoring, mentoring, and other required activities; (3) Violation of any University rules or regulations, or any federal, state, or local laws that may result in University judicial action.

Is there financial aid available for the fall?

Yes. Students must complete the 2023-2024 FAFSA to apply for financial aid for the Fall Session.

How are my classes scheduled for the fall?

All West Chester University first-year students have their fall class schedules created for them by their academic advisors. Your fall schedule will be finalized by mid-August