Students walking to Class

During the Summer Session, each student is assigned to a Peer Group of about 14 students lead by a Peer Assistant.

Peer Assistants are paraprofessional undergraduate student staff members of the Academic Success Program (ASP) and the Office of Residence Life and Housing Services.

Peer Assistants

  • Serve as mentors and role models;
  • Live with students in the residence hall;
  • Facilitate events and activities;
  • Help students acclimate to campus life.

Peer Groups

  • Live in close proximity to their each other and their Peer Assistant in the residence hall;
  • Meet weekly as a group to discuss academic, social, and personal progress;
  • Meet individually with their Peer Assistant to discuss academic, social, and personal progress;
  • Participate in events and activities as a group or within the larger ASP class.

Interested in becoming a Peer Assistant?