Principal Investigator

V.MishraVipanchi Mishra

Associate Professor, Ph.D., University of Albany, State University of New York

My primary areas of research interest include performance appraisal, investigating the influence of cultural values on workplace behaviors, effects of occupational stressors on health outcomes, and factors influencing participant reactions to selection tests and assessment center practices. My methodological interests cover topics such as meta-analysis, item-response theory, and structural equation modeling. In addition to teaching, I have also worked as a consultant for various organizations such as: The Professional Development Program at the Research Foundation of University at Albany on state level training development and evaluation, Leadership Research Institute on projects related to training evaluation, multi-source feedback and assessment of leadership effectiveness as well as a subject matter expert for Prometric for test content development. My areas of expertise include: employee selection and assessment, training and development and performance evaluation. I teach courses in Statistics, Industrial Psychology, Training and Development, and Organizational        Psychology at West Chester University. 


Graduate Research Assistants

Jenna Schreiber

Headshot of graduate research assistant, Jenna Schreiber

M.S. in I/O Psychology, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

I am a graduate student currently in my first year of the I/O Psychology Program at West Chester University. I received my B.S. in Psychology from West Chester University. I am driven by my passion for employee well-being and understanding of the behavioral interaction of employees in the workplace. To deepen my understanding of workplace dynamics, I am employed within the HR department at United Safety and Survivability. During my free time, I relish myself in nature through activities like hiking, trail running, and kayaking, as well as cherishing quality time with my loved ones.


Megan Mercer

Picture of graduate research assistant, Megan Mercer

M.S. in I/O Psychology, West Chester University of Pennsylvania

I am a first-year student in the I/O Master's program at West Chester University. I completed my I/O Certificate in December 2022. My current interests in I/O are Talent and Development, People Analytics, and the Organizational side of I/O Psychology. I'm hoping that during my pursuit of my Master's degree, I'll be able to narrow down my interests and decide on the direction I'd like to take in my future career. In my free time I enjoy reading, spending time with my loved ones, and playing with my dog. 


Undergraduate Research Assistants

Lydia Adams

Headshot of undergraduate research assistant, Jenna Adams

I am a psychology major, currently in my senior year. After taking two I/O specific courses last year, I could see myself building a career within this field. My interests include organizational development, leadership/executive coaching, groups, and employee well-being. My goal after graduation is to enroll in the I/O certificate program offered here at WCU. In my downtime I enjoy birding, various artistic endeavors, and being a dog and cat mom. 



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