Arcadia University's M.S. in Physician Assistant Studies

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Time of Application

August 1st during the students senior year.

Prerequisite courses must be taken through the appropriate department, e.g. Biology, Chemistry, or Psychology.

1.     Students must have completed the following prerequisite courses:

  • Biological Sciences: five courses in Biology to include at least Anatomy (Human or Comparative), Physiology and Microbiology.  Biochemistry is recommended.
  • Chemistry:  three courses in Chemistry to include a minimum of one semester of Organic Chemistry.
  • Psychology: one course.
  • Statistics: one course.
  • NOTE: Students may have only one prerequisite course outstanding by the end of the fall semester of their senior year.

2.  Students must have a minimum 3.4 overall GPA and a minimum 3.4 overall GPA in prerequisite courses.  A grade of "C" or better must be earned in each prerequisite. (A grade of "C-" is                      unacceptable for prerequisite credit.)  When calculating the prerequisite GPA, the University includes all courses in the various areas.  Courses taken in prerequisite areas that were graded on a pass/fail basis will not be calculated into the prerequisite GPA.

3.  Students must take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  Minimum scores of greater than or equal to 147 for quantitative reasoning, greater than or equal to 158 for verbal reasoning, and greater than or equal to 4.5 analytic writing are required.  This GRE needs to be taken by the time of application submission.

4.  Students must have knowledge of the profession through work or volunteer experience in a clinical setting.  A minimum of 200 hours of patient care experience is required.

5.  Students must obtain three letters of recommendation.  Ideally, one should be from a professor and one from a practicing licensed physician or physician assistant.

6.  Students must attend, via invitation, an in-person interview with a member of the PA Admissions Committee and meet the Minimum Technical Standards for Admissions, Continuation and Graduation. 

   3 students per year will be accepted into this program.

Program Timetable

Notify WCU's Pre-Medical Program Director of your intent to apply to the MSPAS program by the end of your sophomore year. Interview with WCU Pre-Medical Committee during your junior year. Interview with the Director of the Arcadia University MSPAS program upon completion of your Pre Med Committee Interview.  GRE exam must be taken in junior year.  Admission to Arcadia University MSPAS program upon completion of senior year at WCU.


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