Scholarship Opportunities for Political Science Students


  • Dr. Charles Mayo Scholarship: Financial grant in the amount of $600 awarded yearly.Dr. Kennedy administers this award.
  • John & Louise Shea Prize in International Relations, $250.00. Dr. Kennedy administers this award.
  • Honorable Roy Reinard Scholarship: Awarded to Top Sophomore with financial need in the amount of $500 awarded yearly. Dr. Kennedy administers this award.

College Wide:

  • D.T. Marrone Scholarship- Law School, $1,000, administered by Dr. Sandra Tomkowic, Pre Law Advisor - April dates.
  • Lewis Marshall - planning/policy focus; internship within township or Chester County government, adminstered by Dr. Dottie Ives Dewey in Geography, nominate someone in November/December of each year.

University Wide

The Harrisburg Internship Semester

  • Competitively selected each year (2 students, one per semester); Stipend each semester that nearly covers all tuition and room/board.

National (these are all searchable)

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