Political Science Minors

Political Science Minor

Students pursuing the procedure outlined below will be certified as having completed the minor by the Department of Political Science. Students may pursue a minor providing for an overall introduction to Political Science. Courses may be chosen from many subfields or may concentrate the minor in as few as three fields. However, no more than three courses may be taken in any one of the political science subfields.

Required (3 credits):
PSC 100 American Government OR
PSC 201 Politics of Diversity

Selected courses: five courses from three or more subfields (15 credits):
A. International Relations: 213, 310, 311, 312, 317, 318, 319, 320, 330
B. Political Behavior: 301, 322, 323, 324, 325, 329, 353, 358
C. Political Theory: 230, 338, 339
D. Comparative Politics: 240, 340, 341, 342, 343, 346, 348, 349
E. American Government: 350, 351, 352, 354, 355, 356, 359 
F. Public Administration: 202, 304,363, 369, 255, 372, 373, 375 
G. Foundations of Political Science: 200, 402, 399 

Total: 18 credit hours


  • Students with minors should meet with the Department advising coordinator or other advisors from within the Department regarding course selection.

  • The Department retains control of admissions to its minor programs and may drop students if the 2.00 GPA is not attained in the minor.

  • Internship credits in Political Science or Public Management may not be used as credits toward the Political Science Minor.

Law, Politics, and Society Minor

Minor in Law, Politics, and Society requires 21 credit hours of following coursework:

Required courses (9 credit hours)

BLA 201 - Legal Environment of Business
PSC 250 - The Politics of the Judicial Process
One of the following two courses:
PSC 350 - Constitutional Law I
PSC 352 - Constitutional Law II

Elective Courses (12 credits)
Select four (4) of the following:

BLA 302 - Business and Commercial Law
CRJ 300 - Criminal Law
CRJ 304 - Introduction to Comparative Justice Systems
CRJ 400 - Criminal Procedure
CRJ 472 - Justice Studies
CRJ 482 - Contemporary Legal Issues
PHI 190 - Logic
PHI 421 - Philosophy of Law
PSC 329 - Courts, Law and Policy
PSC 350 - Constitutional Law I (if not taken above)
PSC 352 - Constitutional Law II (if not taken above)


  • Students with minors should meet with the department advisors regarding course selection. The department retains control of admissions to its minor programs and may drop students if the 2.0 GPA is not attained in the minor
  • Other relevant courses may be allowed by the program director where appropriate.
  • PSC 350 and PSC 352 may not be repeated if already taken to fulfill requirement.

Global Studies Minor

Global Studies focuses on globally shared issues and on the enrichment and expansion of international education among students. The minor provides students with the opportunity to study international affairs from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and provides a vehicle or pathway for students to engage in the study of global issues, become global citizens, and further develop their understanding of the global system. More directly, the minor prepares students to engage in and solve the problems confronting a global society. 

Read more about the Global Studies Minor

Related Minors for Political Science Majors

Students in Political Science should consider supplementing and complementing their degree program with a related minor.  Related minors are important components of your undergraduate studies as they can provide you with the additional set of skills and knowledge that can boost your career opportunities or ability to be accepted into a top-level graduate programs.  For these Related Minors, consult directly the appropriate contact person, advisor, and program.

Here is a list of Minors that PSC majors often take.

Political Science Track:
Criminal Justice
Women's and Gender Studies
Look at the list in the Catalog for more!                 


International Relations Track:
Any language
Economics and Finance
Ethnic Studies
International Business
Latin American Studies
Peace and Conflict Studies
Russian Studies
Any other area you are interested in!              




Applied/Public Policy Track:
Economics & Finance
Geography & Planning
Any other area you are interested in!           







Social Studies Teacher Certification Track:

Any language (esp. Spanish)
Ethnic Studies
Latin American Studies
Russian Studies