Global Studies Minor

Want to change the world? Global Studies provides students with the opportunity to study international affairs from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and provides a vehicle or pathway for students to engage in the study of global issues, become global citizens, and further develop their understanding of the global system. More directly, the minor prepares students to engage in and solve the problems confronting a global society.

Why Global Studies?

  1. Be prepared for an internationally focused career and profession!
  2. Study Abroad and earn credit towards the minor!
  3. Easy minor to complete – works well in combination with any major or program

Global Studies as an Interdisciplinary Program

In today’s complex world, it is increasingly clear that most important social problems have an international aspect that is best understood through an integrated, interdisciplinary study that draws on a variety of tools and perspectives, not just one. Global Studies does not seek to replace the separate social science disciplines, it unites them, better to serve the needs of our complex society faced with the pressures of globalization. This course attempts to understand the world of human interaction in a comprehensive fashion. This is a very ambitious undertaking, but a necessary one for the people who live in the world and for future political, societal and business leaders who will have to deal with its economic, political and social problems. Global studies itself is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry and defines itself by the set of questions, issues, and problems that it addresses, not the specific method, approach, or theory that is employed or by a particular geographic region or historical period.


  • 18 Total Credits
    • GST 110 Intro to Global Studies
    • GST 402 Senior Capstone Seminar
    • 6 required credits/two courses
  • Two Tracks (12 credits/four courses)
    • Arts/Humanities
    • Social Science, Education, & Health


Questions? Sign up? Contact Dr. Linda Stevenson and/or Dr. Peter Loedel or visit the Political Science Department in Anderson Hall 318 for Advising Sheet.