What can you do with a WCU Physics Degree?  Learn what our alumni are doing after earning their degrees.

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Cameron Sprowls


A number of our majors have graduated and gone on to have careers in medical physics.  For example, Cameron Sprowls was a transfer student into West Chester University.  Cameron graduated from WCU in 2015 with a BS in Physics and went on to earn a master's in Medical Physics from Louisiana State University. He  completed internships in Orlando, FL and Charleston, WV before moving back to PA to work as a clinical medical physicist for Varian. Varian pioneers advances in radiotherapy, radiosurgery, and many other vital cancer-fighting tools. The picture shows Cameron with a radiosurgery system.


Sequoyah Walters


A physics background provides students the needed background for a number of careers, such as robotics.  For example, Sequoyah Walters started as a 3-2 physics/engineering student at West Chester University, but decided to stay at WCU for all four years and BS in physics. After graduating, Sequoyah attended the Univeristy of Wisconsin Madison and earned a master's in mechanical engineering.  Sequoyah is currently a robotics software engineering at Applied Research Associates.


Hannah Lane 


The critical and analytical thinking developed when earning a degree in physics is a great fit for a career as a systems engineer. We have had a number of students go onto careers in this field, such as Hannah Lane.  Hannah was a 3-2 student at West Chester University.  She earned a BS in physics from WCU and a BS in electrical engineering from Penn State University.  After graduating, she has held engineering positions at General Motors and Nikola Motor Company.  Currently, she is a senior system engineer at Cruise, which is striving to build the world's most advanced self-driving vehicles.


Eric Lechner


A number of our alumni  find positions as physicists.  As an example, Eric Lechner graduated from West Chester University with a degree in physics in the Spring of 2013.  He then attended Temple University and earned a PhD in Physics in 2019.  After Temple, he moved to Newport News, VA, and worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, commonly called Jefferson Lab or JLab.  In 2022, Eric was hired on in a permanent position at JLab as a Staff Scientist and works there currently.