Mission: The College of the Sciences and Mathematics prepares the students of West Chester University to be informed citizens and successful professionals, through our academic programs and co-curricular experiences in the computational, mathematical, natural, and social sciences, as well as engineering.


We strive to achieve this mission by:

  • Focusing on the success of our students, finding innovative and collaborative ways to help our students accomplish their goals and excel, and increasing the diversity and achievement of our student community.
  • Providing outstanding classroom and laboratory experiences, as well as experiential learning outside the classroom such as research opportunities, field experiences, and service learning offered through our departments or in off-campus internships.
  • Offering comprehensive curricula that promote critical thinking; quantitative literacy; evidence-based problem-solving; written and verbal communication skills; interdisciplinary inquiry; timely approaches to current issues, notably sustainability; global learning; and professional and ethical conduct. 
  • Advancing the frontiers of knowledge in science, technology, and human endeavor, and integrating those advances into our teaching and mentoring.
  • Fostering collaborative co-curricular activities that enrich student learning and development.

Our vision is that the graduates of the College of the Sciences and Mathematics will be scientifically and socially literate, and technically and culturally competent. They will be lifelong learners who are prepared to contribute to the economic and civic welfare of their local, national, and global communities, and ready to thrive in the workforce or advanced study. In seeking to fulfill this mission and vision, we are guided by the values of openness, flexibility, compassion, respect, encouragement of personal and professional growth, and a sense of community grounded in appreciation for differences.

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