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Sciences and Mathematics

Office of the Dean
College of the Sciences and Mathematics
Wayne Hall, Room 630
125 West Rosedale Avenue
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-3521

2017 Faculty Publications

  • Adams, D. A., Gallagher, E. E., Gough, W. T., Tennett, K. T., & Fish, F. E. (2017, March). Passive Spanwise Flexibility of Harbor Porpoise Flukes: Equivalence of Dorsal and Ventral Flexion. In Integrative and Comparative Biology (Vol. 57, pp. E2-E2). Oxford Univ Press Inc.
  • Amundsen, K., Sarath, G., & Donze-Reiner, T. (2017). Genomic Approaches for Improvement of Understudied Grasses. Frontiers in Plant Science8, 976.
  • Barth, A. P., Wooden, J. L., Miller, D. M., Howard, K. A., Fox, L. K., Schermer, E. R., & Jacobson, C. E. (2017). Regional and temporal variability of melts during a Cordilleran magma pulse: Age and chemical evolution of the Jurassic arc, eastern Mojave Desert, California. Geological Society of America Bulletin129(3-4), 429-448.
  • Baruch, Y., Baruch, Y., Prouska, R., Prouska, R., Ollier-Malaterre, A., Ollier-Malaterre, A., ... & Bunk, J. (2017). Swearing at work: the mixed outcomes of profanity. Journal of Managerial Psychology32(2), 149-162.
  • Becker Kane, J. (2017). Lobbying Justice (s)? Exploring the Nature of Amici Influence in State Supreme Court Decision Making. State Politics & Policy Quarterly, 1532440017697174.
  • Becker, M. J. (2017). Ceramic Roof Ornaments (Almenas) from Cihuatan, El Salvador: Contexts, Descriptions, and Inferences from Other Sites. Ancient Mesoamerica, 28(1), 41-60.
  • Brandes, J., Parsell, S.T. (2017). Simultaneous Additive Equations: Repeated and Differing Degrees. Canadian Journal of Mathematics, 69(2), 258-283.
  • Brown, E. D., Garnett, M. L., Anderson, K. E., & Laurenceau, J. P. (2017). Can the arts get under the skin? Arts and cortisol for economically disadvantaged children. Child development88(4), 1368-1381.
  • Chancellor, R. L., Rundus, A. S., & Nyandwi, S. (2017). Chimpanzee seed dispersal in a montane forest fragment in Rwanda. American Journal of Primatology79(3), 1-8.
  • Chen, E. Y., Cacioppo, J., Fettich, K., Gallop, R., McCloskey, M. S., Olino, T., & Zeffiro, T. A. (2017). An adaptive randomized trial of dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy for binge-eating. Psychological Medicine47(4), 703-717.
  • Chen, S., Ren, K., Piao, S., Wang, C., Wang, Q., Weng, J., Su, L., Mohaisen, A. (2017). You Can Hear But You Cannot Steal: Defending against Voice Impersonation Attacks on Smartphones. The 37th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS’17) , Atlanta, GA.
  • Clark, N., Van Dyke, G., Loedel, P., Scherpereel, J., & Sobisch, A. (2017). EU Simulations and Engagement: Motivating Greater Interest in European Union Politics. Journal of Political Science Education, 1-19.
  • Cozzi, C., Polito, G., Kolasinski, K. W., & Barillaro, G. (2017). Controlled Microfabrication of High‐Aspect‐Ratio Structures in Silicon at the Highest Etching Rates: The Role of H2O2 in the Anodic Dissolution of Silicon in Acidic Electrolytes. Advanced Functional Materials, 27(6).
  • Crilly, T., Weintraub, S. H., & Wolfson, P. R. (2017). Arthur Cayley, Robert Harley and the quintic equation: newly discovered letters 1859–1863. Historia Mathematica, 44(2), 150-169.
  • Crits-Christoph, P., Gallop, R., Diehl, C. K., Yin, S., & Gibbons, M. B. C. (2017). Mechanisms of change in cognitive therapy for major depressive disorder in the community mental health setting. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology85(6), 550.
  • Cui, L., Chen, S., & Jiang, Z. (2017, April). Quality of Experience Aware Collaborative Augment Reality system (Q-CARs). In Internet-of-Things Design and Implementation (IoTDI), 2017 IEEE/ACM Second International Conference on (pp. 345-346). IEEE.
  • Cui, L., Weiss, M. B., Morel, B., & Tipper, D. (2017). Risk and decision analysis of dynamic spectrum access. Telecommunications Policy.
  • Dartnell, D., McConatha, J., Kumar, K. & Treadwell, T. (2017) The Mourning After: A Group for Bereaved Caregivers. Group: Journal of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society.
  • Diamond, G. S., Herres, J. L., Ewing, E. S. K., Atte, T. O., Scott, S. W., Wintersteen, M. B., & Gallop, R. J. (2017). Comprehensive Screening for Suicide Risk in Primary Care. American Journal of Preventive Medicine53(1), 48-54.
  • Diehl, C., Yin, S., Markell, H., Gallop, R., Gibbons, M. B. C., & Crits-Christoph, P. (2017). The measurement of cognitive schemas: Validation of the Psychological Distance Scaling Task in a community mental health sample. International Journal of Cognitive Therapy, 10(1), 17-33.
  • Dimidjian, S., Goodman, S. H., Sherwood, N. E., Simon, G. E., Ludman, E., Gallop, R., ... & Powers, J. D. (2017). A pragmatic randomized clinical trial of behavioral activation for depressed pregnant women. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology85(1), 26.
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2016 Faculty Publications