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Inspiring Programs in STEM Award winners were selected by INSIGHT Into Diversity based on efforts to inspire and encourage a new generation of young people to consider careers in STEM through mentoring, teaching, research, and successful programs and initiatives. For more information about the 2023 Inspiring Programs in STEM Award and INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine, visit

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The mission of the Center for STEM Inclusion is to actively promote diversity and equity initiatives in the College of the Sciences and Mathematics that will increase access to STEM careers for a diverse body of students.  As the demographics of the Commonwealth evolve, the Center for STEM Inclusion will empower change in the College by ensuring that aspiring STEM students from a diverse range of backgrounds can persist in their majors and gain access to the STEM workforce.  Therefore, our goals are to strengthen the STEM pipeline at West Chester University by removing barriers caused by social injustices and socioeconomic status and promoting structures that increase inclusivity and equity. This work consists of four pillars to support our mission:  

Engage with K-12 students to build more inclusive STEM communities and inspire students to pursue STEM degrees. 

Provide pathways, resources, and additional support mechanisms for students from low socioeconomic status backgrounds and underrepresented groups.


Close the equity gap of obtaining a STEM degree through multiple mechanisms including seeking and obtaining funding to support STEM diversity programs and offering educational opportunities for faculty members that focus on inclusive and evidence-based teaching practices.

Provide resources and experiences that prepare STEM students for the choices and outcomes that await them after graduation, including building a mentoring program to support personal and professional growth.





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