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B.A. in Mathmatics

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B.A. in Mathematics

This program prepares students for graduate work in mathematics, applied mathematics, or statistics. The program has a foreign language requirement (French, German, or Russian), so it is ideal for students who want to pursue graduate work at graduate schools that require mastery of a foreign language.

In the first two years, mathematics majors are given a solid foundation through courses that capture their interest and encourage them to continue in the mathematics program. As upper division students, mathematics majors are given a well-rounded introduction to higher mathematics. The curriculum requires two courses at an advanced level in each of the fundamental areas of algebra, analysis, and applied mathematics. Students in the BA program are also required to complete a minor in a related field in order to enhance their appreciation and preparation for applications of mathematics. By careful selection of courses in the major and in the minor, students in the BA program will be prepared for critical analysis and problem solving positions in many areas of industry, government, or education.

You can find more program details in the Course Catalog.
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