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Computer Science

Undergraduate Courses

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Computer Science

25 University Avenue, #150
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-2204
Fax: 610-436-3530

Dr. James Fabrey

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Kathleen Barimani

Undergraduate Computer Science Courses

CSC Courses

Course Number Course Title
CSC 110 Fundamentals in Computer Science
CSC 112 Programming & Data Science
CSC 115 Introduction to Computer Programming
CSC 141 Computer Science I
CSC 142 Computer Science II
CSC 220 Foundations of Computer Science
CSC 231 Computer Systems
CSC 240 Computer Science III
CSC 241 Data Structures and Algorithms
CSC 242 Computer Organization
CSC 301 Computer Security & Ethics
CSC 302 Computer Security
CSC 317 Visual Programming
CSC 321 Database Management Systems
CSC 331 Operating Systems
CSC 335 Data Communications and Networking I
CSC 336 Data Communications and Networking II
CSC 345 Programming Language Concepts and Paradigms
CSC 400 Internship
CSC 402 Software Engineering
CSC 404 Software Engineering & Testing
CSC 416 Design and Construction of Compilers
CSC 417 User Interfaces
CSC 466 Distributed and Parallel Programming
CSC 476 Game Development
CSC 481 Artificial Intelligence
CSC 490 Independent Project
CSC 495 Topics in Computer Science
CSC 496 Topics in Complex Systems
CSC 497 Topics in Computer Security
CSC 499 Independent Study in Computer Science

CST Courses

Course Number Course Title
CST 211 Security and Ethics in IT
CST 221 Database Systems
CST 235 Network and System Administration

CSW Courses

Course Number Course Title
CSW 101 Introduction to Computers
CSW 116 Computer Programming Laboratory
CSW 131 Introduction to Web Design
CSW 315 Introduction to Web Programming
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