Computer Science Academic Honesty Policy

The Computer Science Department has adopted the following policies in regard to academic dishonesty in Computer Science classes:

  1. A student found to be academically dishonest in an assignment will receive zero for that assignment if it is his/her first offense in that class, but an F for the course if it is for his/her second offense in that class.
  2. A student found to be academically dishonest in a test will receive the grade of F in that class.
  3. For the purposes of this document on academic dishonesty, every form or method of evaluation in a class will be considered as being of one of two types: an assignment or a test. Assignments include homework assignments, and short quizzes. Tests include final exams and major exams. An instructor has, subject to these guidelines, the discretion to determine the type of any other form of evaluation, such as a project, in his/her class.
  4. A student who has received the grade of F in a course because of academic dishonesty and who wants or is required to repeat that course may re-take that course only as a regularly scheduled course that is open to the student community in general. In exceptional circumstances, this condition may be revoked, but only by an explicit action to that effect by the full Computer Science Committee, and only then on a case-by-case basis.
  5. The term academic dishonesty is used throughout in the sense provided by the rules and regulations of West Chester University. These standards are published here:

WCU Academic Integrity Policies