Research and Collections

The Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology curates nearly 300,000 authenticated archaeological and ethnographic artifacts spanning the globe and range from the prehistoric to modern, with a particular focus on the Americas, Papua New Guinnea, Rwanda, and Europe. Our largest, the Americas Secion, specialize in Native North and Central America, archaeology, the U.S.- Mexico borderlands, and contemporary Latin America.

These unique collections are curated and managed by faculty and students through the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, and used for classroom teaching, scholarly research, and public outreach programming.  Collections include the Native American Soapstone Collection dating to circa 5,000 years ago; the 19th Century John Vickers Redware Collectio; the Papua New Guinnea Art and Weaponry Collection; the Edmundo Morales Andean Hat and Headress Collection; the Cold War Collection, including items associated with the Berlin Wall; the Borderlands Collection; and, the Post-Genocide Rwanda Collection. Teaching Collections are used for advanced coursework in archaeology as well as for faculty-guided student research.

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