Anthropology and Sociology are closely related social sciences oriented toward the systematic study of beliefs and practices of diverse peoples and groups, though sociologists typically study people in contemporary, proximate society and anthropologists traditionally study people faraway in space or time (from modern-day Africa to pre-Columbian America). Both fields share the desire to understand the meanings of social behaviors and cultural products, material and nonmaterial, that emerge from and influence these behaviors.

The Mission of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology is to provide broad access to the skills and special knowledge inherent in our disciplines, to nurture an awareness of and appreciation for diversity, to promote a sense of civic responsibility, global awareness, and cultural competency in our students, and to support original and collaborative scholarship by faculty and students. It will meet this mission by offering courses leading to bachelor’s degrees in anthropology and sociology and minor programs in anthropology, sociology, and museum studies; a broad range of courses permitting students to satisfy the university’s general education requirements; specific cognate courses for extra-departmental degree and certificate programs; and internships, field experiences, service learning, and international study opportunities

Department faculty study a wide range of topics, including globalization; inequalities experienced due to gender, race, ethnicity, and social class; the social determinants of health; biocultural perspectives on food and nutrition; social movements (protests, uprisings and the like); religion in cultural and social contexts; the digital social realm; environmental sustainability and sustainable food systems; ancient societies and cultures; and heritage and preservation.

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology offers the following degrees and programs of study:

  • Anthropology, B.A.
  • Sociology, B.A.
  • Anthropology minor
  • Sociology minor
  • Museum Studies minor
The Department works closely with the WCU Institute for Race and Ethnic Studies in delivering seminar series and cultural programming.

Upcoming Courses: Fall 2022

Anthropology Courses coming soon

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