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October 7, 2022 – May 1, 2023

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In partnership with the Global Philadelphia Association, this special exhibition celebrates the 50th anniversary of UNESCO’s World Heritage Convention by exploring the rich heritage of Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s Independence Hall and its famed Liberty Bell was one of the U.S.’ first World Heritage sites, deemed to be of universal human value for its importance in the creation of the world’s first Enlightenment-era Republic. However, the exhibition delves beyond this colonial narrative to show that Philadelphia’s global heritage is the result of continuous interactions of diverse communities over time.

With rare artifacts on loan from the National Parks Service, Lest We Forget Museum, Landis Valley Museum, Archdiocese of Philadelphia, among others; and original works by numerous Philadelphia-based artists such as Diane Keller, Ana Vizcarra Rankin, Salome Cosmique and Sue Chen, Beyond the Bell’s exhibits on labor, immigration, transportation, fashion and arts, festivals, sports and pop culture reveal the richness and global importance of the “City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love.”

Exhibition sponsored by Global Philadelphia Association

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Watch the exhibition opening, with addresses by Director Michael A. Di Giovine, co-curator David Blackburn, Dean Radha Pyati, and Global Philadelphia Association Executive Director Zabeth Teeklucksingh

Watch student co-curators Jackie Armao and Alden Ritchey talk with Director Michael Di Giovine about Making the Exhibition


Curator: Michael A. Di Giovine, Professor of Anthropology, Director, Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology
Assistant Curator: David Blackburn, Director, Landis Valley Village and Farm Museum
Construction and Fabrication: Thomas Haughey, Associate Professor of Theater, Exhibits Designer, Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology
Exhibit Design: Christian West
Graphic Design: Stephanie Thompson, Publications Assistant, WCU Graphics and Printing
Curatorial Consultant: Constance Case, Associate Professor of Costume Technology and Design
Museum – Global Philadelphia Association Liaison: Aaron Stoyack
Student co-curators: Jacqueline Armao, Madeleine Chesek-Welch, Ciara DeMelo, Kathleen Dick, Nicholas Heydeman, Alden Ritchey, Hannah Shields, Virginia Vintson, Ashley Wallen, Harrison Warren, Christian West
Virtual Exhibition Designers: Tom Pantazes and Hannah Glatt, Office of Digital Learning and Innovation

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