Beyond the Bell
Thematic Tour and Lecture Series

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Philadelphia’s Diverse Artistic Heritage video thumbnail

Philadelphia’s Diverse Artistic Heritage

WCU Museum of Anthropology & Archaeology’s Director, Michael A. Di Giovine joins Professor Emeritus of Art John Baker, and student co-curators Virginia Vintson and Harrison Warren, in a discussion of the rich artistic heritage of Philadelphia while they tour the Beyond the Bell Exhibition. They are joined by several of the artists represented in the exhibition, including Diane Keller, Sue Cheng, Diana Larisgoitia and Ana Vizcarra Rankin, who discuss the influences Philadelphia’s diverse communities have had on their work.

The Musical Heritage of Philadelphia

The Musical Heritage of Philadelphia

Student co-curators Alden Ritchey, Virginia Vintson, and Kathleen Dick; music graduate student Megan DiCamillo; Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine; Dean Chris Hanning of the Wells School of Music; and Associate Professor of Music History Ha Young (Heidi) Lee discuss the rich musical heritage of Philadelphia and its many diverse communities as they explore the rare artifacts in the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology’s exhibition, Beyond the Bell.

Video: Gwen Ragsdale

Remembering the Legacy of Slavery, ‘Lest We Forget’, with Gwen Ragsdale

Using her rare collection as a guide, Gwen Ragsdale, Executive Director of the Lest We Forget Museum of Slavery, discusses how different the coming-to-America experience was for millions of enslaved Africans. Museum Director Michael A. Di Giovine also discuss West Chester University’s connection to the abolitionist movement, showing Frederick Douglass’ autographed copy of his autobiography.

Video: The Workshop of the World

Ethnic Groups in Philadelphia, “The Workshop of the World”

Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology Director Michael A. Di Giovine and graduate student co-curator Virginia Vintson discuss Philadelphia’s ethnic communities with Professor of History Anne Krulikowski as they tour the museum’s newest exhibition, Beyond the Bell: Philadelphia’s Global Heritage.

Video: Maps, Migration and Darkness

A Conversation with Artist Ana Vizcarra Rankin, “Maps, Migration and Darkness”

Philadelphia-based artist AV Rankin discusses her work in a public lecture at West Chester University. Titled, "Maps, Migration and Darkness: Rewilding our Visual Language as a Method of Decolonization," the talk challenges us to think about how we present and map out our surroundings. Co-sponsored by WCU's Anthropology Club, Museum of Anthropology & Archaeology, Institute on Race and Ethnic Studies, and the Department of Art + Design.