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Anthropology and Sociology

Jacqueline M. Zalewski, Ph.D.

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Anthropology and Sociology

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Jacqueline M. Zalewski, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology

I have ongoing scholarly interests in the growing contingencies workers face in their jobs and employment relations. This is because of my background. I grew up in Kenosha, WI. Similar to industrial-based cities in PA like Reading, Allentown, and Pittsburgh, a significant proportion of Kenosha's population worked in durable goods and automobile production industries. This was until the 1970s and early 1980s, when many auto and industrial workers in Kenosha experienced job loss. What happened to Kenosha's auto and industrial workers was part of a larger social and economic process scholars call deindustrialization. Kathryn Dudley (Yale University), a cultural anthropologist from the Kenosha area, does an excellent job with interviews of unemployed auto workers there. She discusses the shift from a "culture of the hands" to a "culture of the mind" in her award winning book The End of the Line: Lost Jobs, New Lives in Post-Industrial America (1994).

Through the 1970s, I grew up as part of the working class in Kenosha and this culture has had a significant effect on shaping my research interests in changes in work and organizations and technology in the workplace (a prime culprit in the reengineering of work, producing greater employment contingencies, and the job losses described above). For my master's thesis, I conducted ethnographic research of blue-collar temporary work. For my PhD, I interviewed information technologists and human resource professionals about the outsourcing of their work.

I continued doing qualitative research on the outsourcing of professional work and, recently, I published a book on the effects of outsourcing on social relations, culture, jobs, and professional work. It’s called Working Lives and in-House Outsourcing: Chewed Up By Two Masters (2018), and you can view the book here

I have used my interests in changes in work to contribute to scholarship in academic and career advising with collaborator Dr. Leigh S. Shaffer.  In 2018, our article “The Professionalization of Academic Advising: Where are We in 2010?” was awarded the first Leigh S. Shaffer Award by NACADA for significant advances made to the academic field of academic advising.  I plan to contribute to the academic field of academic and career advising in the near future with my research on job and work changes in market organization. 

Because of my background and professional interests in college teaching and sociology, I am conducting research on teamwork and collaborative learning in undergraduate sociology general education courses.  I am also continuing to develop a class-based research project that examines the jobs, ongoing education, and professional careers of sociology alumni from West Chester University. 

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Sociology of Organizations
  • Sociology of Work
  • Independent Study (e.g., sex trafficking, disaster, the military)
  • Sociology Internship
  • Urban Sociology
  • Senior Seminar

Current Scholarly Projects (updated Winter 2019)

2019 Conference Presentations Proposals and Session Organizer

Advocating for Workers Who Get “Chewed Up” in Social Interactions and Jobs in Market Organization. North American Management Society Conference, HRM Track, March, Chicago, IL

Preparing Our Students for the Human Capital Requirements in Jobs in Markets.  NACADA Region 2 Conference, March, Atlantic City, NJ

Labor Studies Session Organizer, “The Future of Work in the Digital Age,” Society for the Study of Social Problems Conference, August, New York City, NY

2018 Conference Presentations

“Trading In Human Beings on Behalf of Cost Reduction:” An Introduction to in-House Outsourcing and Why Companies Outsource.  Eastern Sociological Society Conference, February, Baltimore, MD

Team-based Learning:  The Role of Student Behaviors and Team Processes.  Eastern Sociological Society Conference, February, Baltimore, MD.  (With Susan Brudvig)

The Impact of Behaving Cooperatively and Withholding Effort in Team-Based Learning.  Marketing Educators’ Association, April, Santa Fe, NM.  (With Susan Brudvig)

“Trading in Human Beings On Behalf of Cost Reduction:”  Precarity in Jobs, Work Relations, and Meaning with in-House Outsourcing.  Society for the Study of Social Problems, August, Philadelphia, PA

Book on “In-house Outsourcing” (internal outsourcing). 

My book on the “in-house outsourcing” of information technology and human resources jobs was recently published by Routledge (2018).  Links to the book’s webpage and Amazon page are below:

Working Lives and in-House Outsourcing:  Chewed Up By Two Masters

Link to book on Routledge website

Link to book on Amazon website

Book Chapter

Shaffer, Leigh S. and Jacqueline Zalewski.  2017.  “Dangers of Foreclosure.”  In Academic Advising and the First College Year, Jennifer R. Fox and Holly E. Martin (editors).  National Resource Center for the First Year Experience and Students in Transition:  Columbia, SC. 

Research on Sociology Alumni from West Chester University

In fall 2015 I began a research study on the jobs, professional careers, and ongoing education of Sociology alumni who have recently graduated from West Chester University (WCU).  My colleague Dr. Miguel Ceballos and I call our collaborative study “The Sociology Majors Project.”  As part of the curriculum in two of the sociology classes I teach (Sociology of Organizations and Sociology of Work) students are contacting sociology alumni from West Chester University to better understand the jobs, professional careers, and ongoing education they pursue post-graduation.  This knowledge will be shared with the department, WCU faculty, and faculty across disciplines to help shape:  curriculum, academic and career advisement, and pedagogy and teaching.   

The SMP is still in development.  This spring 2019, the focus will be on collecting more data, further developing data management and analysis processes, dissemination tools for our findings, and bridges that connect current students and sociology alumni. 

New Research on Team Work and Collaborative Learning

In spring 2017, I began a research study on teamwork and collaborative learning in sociology and marketing classes.  I am collaborating with Dr. Susan Brudvig in the School of Business at Indiana University East on this research.  The results of our survey research will improve the composition, purpose, pedagogy, and student learning outcomes of teamwork and collaborative learning in courses across disciplines.

We have one paper in progress (noted below) and will be analyzing other significant relationships related to in-role behaviors, gender, teamwork, and collaborative learning. 

“Too Much of a Good Thing:  When Student Contribution Harms Collaborative Team Work”


Areas of Scholarly Interest

  • Changes to the Organization of Work, Occupations, Professions, and Formal Organizations
  • Technology in the Workplace
  • Work and Inequality
  • Academic and Career Advising
  • Pedagogy on Team Work and Collaborative Learning

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