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Anthropology and Sociology


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Anthropology and Sociology

Mrs. Patti Hite, Department Secretary 
102 Old Library Building 
West Chester, PA 19383

Phone: 610-436-2556 


Where are they now?

Anthropology graduates:

Nick Arnhold

Nick Arnhold
Archaeologist at Cultural Resources Analysts, Inc.
BA, Anthropology (2011); MA, Anthropology, (2014, University of Kansas)
I joined the Department of Anthropology and Sociology as a sophomore after changing majors from chemistry. I instantly grew attached to archaeology as it connected my passion for history and science, and provided a professional track that allowed me to become a researcher in other ways than being a professor. I dove into the field of archaeology and took as many courses from my mentor as I could, and I joined the Anthropology Club, serving as member, Secretary, and President. I learned how archaeology can be applied to the modern world and about cultural differences around the world. I was able to take part in several research projects that connected my passions of archaeology and chemistry. I took the critical thinking skills that I gained and knowledge from my coursework to complete a thesis project that I was able to present as both a poster and a paper at several regional conferences. After graduation I joined the Anthropology graduate program at the University of Kansas. I was able to land a job in the cultural resource management field prior to graduation with my master's degree and am now working as a principle archaeologist for a well regarded architecture and engineering firm. I learned a great deal from being part of the WCU Anthropology program, and I recommend getting involved as much as possible to learn from both within and beyond the traditional classroom setting. Take advantage of all of the resources available to you at WCU and from the Anthropology program!


Susan Bachor (2010)
Historic Preservation Representative for the Delaware Tribe of Indians

Arden Dahl (2014)
Archaeologist, AECOM Engineering (a Fortune 500 Company)

Jennifer Falchetta (2007)
Archaeologist, Richard Grubb Associates, Inc.

Tarah Leeland (2008)
Archaeologist, Kautz Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Rachael Marks (2017)
Archaeologist, Delaware State Parks

Mark H. Morris (2015)
Archaeologist, Dovetail Cultural Resources Group

Tyler Nance (2015)
Archaeologist, Cultural Resources Analysts, Inc.

Sean Ream (2003)
Principle Archaeologist, New Jersey Department of Transportation

Museums and Archives

Helen Bilinski (2013)
Exhibits Manager, Delaware Museum of Natural History

Alexandria Chisholm (2009)
Reference and Instruction Librarian, Alvernia University

Sara Regensburger (2014)
Museum Educator, Institute for American Indian Studies

Sarah Sutton (2015)
Manager of Educational Programming, Everhart Museum

Data Analytics

Colin Callaghan (2010)
Project Manager, SEI Financial Services

Caleb Fritz (2012)
Crime Analyst, NYPD

Jared Kozlowski (2010)
Enounter Manager, TMG Health Services


Caitlyn Seaman (2017)
Digital Analyst, Traffic Builders Digital Marketing


Kelly Crodian (2014)
Program Assistant, Women Against Abuse, Inc

Alexa Knoll (2014)
Program Assistant, Circle of Support, Inc.

Chris Thornton
Director of Outreach, Beyond the Bars, Inc.


Sarah Alderman (2014)
Owner, AGP Collective LLC

Alexandria Proko
Owner, Alexandria Catherine Events

Antonella Gamba (2006)
Owner, dolce Zola

Dawn Manning (2009)
Poet and author

Doug Reeser, Ph.D. (2005)
Web Editor for Anthropology Now and Editor and Columnist for Recycled Minds

Public Health/Healthcare Administration

Annie Koempel (2011)
Program Manager, Superfund Research Program

Matthew Ruggieri (2012)
Client Services, BAYADA Home Health Care

Caitlin Trucksess (2008)
Senior Research Assistant, Centers for American Indian & Alaskan Native Health

Erin Walker (2013)
Social Worker, Yachad National Jewish Council for Disabilities


Cortney Todd (2010)
Learning Support Teacher, School District of Philadelphia

Peace Corps

Deryn Fink (2017), Gambia

Hannah Novy-Wikowski (2010), Botswana

Luigi Zeccardo (2010), Fiji

Sociology graduates:

Sociology Alumni

Steven B. Bobo

BA, Sociology (2014)
Hello, West Chester University students! I take great pleasure in writing this paragraph about the Sociology Department and all that it has done for me. Sociology taught me one of the most important things that I needed to know: how to understand the effects of culture on the ways people respond to all types of events and changes. When I started at West Chester University, my goal was to become a drug counselor, but, like many of you, my career path changed. My time at WCU was all about doing the work and achieving something that I've never done before in my life: earning my bachelor's degree. This was a large task for a 40-plus-year-old black man with a wife and five kids, attending school full time while working three jobs. I still graduated on time – and with honors! Now I'm a Therapeutic Support Specialist for NHS Human Services. I was hired six months after graduating from WCU, and I currently work with people of different cultures and religions to help them improve their behavior and make better life choices. I received the knowledge to do this from the best university on the planet: West Chester University is truly second to none!

Molly Bryne

Molly Byrne

BA, Sociology (2014); M.Ed. in School Counseling (2016)
Molly is currently a High School Counselor at Laurel Springs School, which is a private, online K-12 school. She majored in Sociology as a undergraduate student, then remained at West Chester University to earn her Masters of Education in School Counseling. Taking classes such asSociology of the Family, Racial and Cultural Minorities, and Sociology of Workhelped to prepare Molly to work with students and their families regarding a multitude of situations and topics.Statistics and Methods of Sociological Researchproved to be extremely beneficial to Molly, since data collection and analysis is a common task for school counselors. Additionally, the rigorous curriculum and high expectations in the Sociology department prepared Molly for graduate and professional level work.

Sociology Alumni

Jessica Herling

BA, Sociology; BA, Women's and Gender Studies (2014)
Jess recently earned her master's degree in sociology at Virginia Tech and is now working toward a Ph.D. in sociology with a concentration in women's and gender studies in the same department.She double-majored in sociology and women's and gender studies as an undergraduate at WCU, and she says that her experiences at West Chester have been invaluable in her graduate program. Presenting at conferences with the support of the Sociology Club, taking rigorous sociology and women's and gender studies classes, working on research projects with faculty, and having strong guidance from her mentors at WCU truly helped her on her journey to graduate school and adjustment to life as a graduate student.

Sociology Alumni

Zachary Kline

BA, Sociology (2015)
As a student at West Chester University, Zack developed skills alongside committed sociology faculty in leadership, networking, research, teaching, and collaboration. Zack took advantage of faculty's open door policy. He participated in multiple research projects, data entry and management, an internship in business management, Sociology Club, and a one-on-one independent study. He was even fortunate enough to guest lecture in an Introduction to Sociology class. West Chester's abundant opportunities helped him built a curricula vitae (resume) and scholarly passion strong enough to gain admittance to a PhD program in Sociology at the University of Connecticut. He still visits campus as often as he can and continues to rely on his WCU mentors in his academic pursuits.

Sociology Alumni

Amber Plank

BA, Sociology (2013)
I'm currently serving the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as a Clinical Research Assistant within the division of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition. My time at West Chester University and my choice to pursue a degree in sociology have solely led me to the place I am today. In my academic coursework, I learned the value of diversity and how to communicate with diverse populations – a valuable skill when working with a team whose members have varying perspectives and even more valuable when collecting data on patients and families from an array of cultures and backgrounds. Throughout my time at West Chester, I learned how to use critical thinking to solve problems that arise in day-to-day activities. My studies in sociology, in particular, taught me that problems may be best tackled by getting to know the individuals around us and treating each one as a person with a story and a context, as opposed to just a number. Classes in research methods and statistics prepared me for this position and elevated my knowledge of research design and good clinical practices. I encourage each and every student to make the most of every class they encounter because even some concepts that might not sound very interesting at first will be extremely valuable in future careers and endeavors.

Sociology Alumni

Sarah Sanchez

BA, Sociology (2011)
Sarah is the foundress of UNRUCK YOURSELF and a contributing author toThe Midas Touch: The World's Leading Experts Reveal Their Top Secrets to Winning Big in Business & Life(2015, Expert Author Publishing). On way she chose to major in sociology, she said: "I chose sociology at WCU because I like to have the freedom of choice. With my degree, I have had the opportunity to not be stuck in one career path for the rest of my "working" life. I have been able to start my own company, pick and choose what charities my company supports, and contribute a chapter to an Amazon best-selling book. I can't describe the impact the sociology program at WCU has had on my life, but I will say this: To the students who love to think outside the box while studying your own communities, it's a must have a degree. The program builds a solid foundation for future free-thinkers, social workers, and community leaders alike."

Sociology Alumni

Joe Woodbridge

BA, Sociology (2011)
I received my BA in Sociology in December 2014 from West Chester University. Upon entering the undergraduate sociology program, I pursued this major because of personal interest after completing my associate’s degree in communication studies from Delaware County Community College. While in the sociology program, I learned about important social science topics including sociology of gender, statistics, deviance, and career internships. My first internship was at Adolescent Advocates in Bryn Mawr, PA, where I had the opportunity to work with adolescents struggling with mental health and substance use disorders. After that internship, I knew that I wanted to be involved in that field of work. Shout-out to Dr. Ceballos, Dr. Zalewski, and Dr. Wiest! I was also involved in the Sociology Club, where I got to serve as the Social Chair. We planned club activities and found ways to keep the membership interesting and available to students. My last semester, we got to travel to NYU for a workshop on Sociology in the Digital Age where we met college students from other countries.

After graduation, I was hired to work as a Clinical Aide at Mirmont Treatment Center in Media, PA. Mirmont Treatment Center is part of Main Line Health and serves as a residential substance abuse treatment facility. Shortly after beginning my career there, I made the decision to return to West Chester University to pursue higher education in the Master of Social Work (MSW) program. My experience from the sociology program really helped serve as a solid foundation for the course work I began in the MSW program, specifically learning about the person in the environment and community interventions. I graduated from the MSW program in May 2018 and am now working at the Mirmont Outpatient Center in Exton as a Drug & Alcohol Therapist. I primarily work with adolescents who struggle with substance use disorders. Soon I will be taking the Licensed Social Worker (LSW) exam and traveling to Atlanta, GA, for a professional training to become certified in Relapse Prevention Counseling (CRPS) under the Gorski model.

I plan to pursue the Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) credential upon receiving the LSW certification. Dr. Zalewski and I have even spoken about creating an elective course and syllabus for undergraduate sociology students at WCU on the topic of substance use disorders! Who knows, I may even be talked into pursuing a Doctor of Social Work (DSW) degree someday. My experience at WCU’s undergraduate sociology program was wonderful, and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a unique education track with an interest in learning about others. Get involved, keep an open mind, and don’t be afraid to seek assistance from the wonderful sociology professors at WCU!

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