John Leveille

John Leveille

John Leveille is an associate professor of sociology at West Chester University. Dr. Leveille's areas of specialization include sociological theory, social movements, historical sociology, the historical sociology of mental illness, and morality and ethics in sociology. He has recently published a second edition of a textbook on sociological theory, which is available now either as an ebook or a paperback on Dr. Leveille has also published a book titled Searching for Marx in the Occupy Movement (Lexington Books/Rowman and Littlefield imprint.) The book is based upon his critical participant observation study of a local branch of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It draws upon the theories of the Frankfurt School, and specifically on the ideas of Theodor Adorno, to make sociological sense out of the events of this movement. The book is available through the publisher’s website and Amazon.


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Sociological Theory Book Front Cover

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Sociological Theory Book Back Cover
John Leveille's Book Front Cover
John Leveille's Book Back Cover

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