Committee Assignments

(Revised  October 2021)

(Please note: Assignments are made each August prior to the first Council of Trustees meeting in October and are effective with the October meeting).




The Honorable Robert M. Tomlinson (ex-officio) Finance and Administration
The Honorable Barry C. Dozor Academic and Student Affairs
Mr. Thomas Fillippo University Affairs
Mr. Christopher Franklin Finance and Administration
Mr. Jonathan Ireland University Affairs
Ms. Erin Kaliszak (Student Trustee) Academic and Student Affairs
The Honorable Stephen Kinsey University Affairs
Ms. Marian Moskowitz Finance and Administration
Ms. Susan Schick Academic and Student Affairs
Ms. Betty Silfa University Affairs


Officers: Chair: Senator Robert M. Tomlinson; Vice Chair: The Honorable Barry C Dozor; Secretary: Marian Moskowitz.

Committees: Members are encouraged to rotate among the committees each year. The names listed on this list reflect participation for 2021-2022.

Nominating Committee: Chair- Marian Moskowitz; Members: Sue Schick, Tom Fillippo

Presidential Review Committee: Chair-Marian Moskowitz; Members: Jon Ireland, The Honorable Barry C. Dozor


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